The FRESCO RAW Nutrition Concept

FRESCO offers high-quality products for species-appropriate feeding, feed your dog the way nature intended: 100% Natural with 0% Artificial Additives! 

How does FRESCO dog nutrition work?

Fresh RAW Materials

Fresco means "fresh". And that's exactly how ingredients for healthy dog nutrition should be. That is why, unlike almost all other manufacturers, we only use fresh, natural and unprocessed ingredients within all of our products all of which are sourced in Europe.

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Gently Processed

We use complex and high-quality production processes for the production of our Premium RAW products, in which the nutrients from the original ingredients are preserved to maintain their natural high quality values without the use of nasty synthetic ingredients.

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Varied Feeding

All FRESCO products can be combined with one another without harming your dog's diet plan from our Dry RAW Menu's to our gently steamed Wet food range, to form a healthy daily diet. Check out our easy to feed guide today to learn how your dog can benefit.

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5 benefits of feeding your dog a natural diet...

Your dog's immune system is strengthened and he has fewer allergies.

Your dog gets a shiny coat and better skin quality.

A decreasing risk that your dog will develop cancer, diabetes etc.

Your dog has fewer digestive problems and fewer exhalations.

Your dog will benefit from less tartar and less bad breath.

1000's of happy customers....

What our experts say...

Martin Rutter....FRESCO has been my chosen official partner of my live tour" FREISPRUCH! since 2019 " As an award winning dog trainer in Europe I know first hand exactly how beneficial feeding species appropriate rewards can be for both training and not to forget my dog's nutrition. During my time working directly with FRESCO I have helped develop and expand their range of training aids, their strong ethos of "natural feeding" and their expertise is why I continue and support their much so I even put my name to it!
Anita Kroger....As a holistic veterinarian and also the founder of the Dog Health Centre in Germany, I am confronted on a daily occurrence with the effect's of malnutrition caused by industrially processed dog food's within the pet industry. FRESCO's vision and expertise to create and offer the healthiest dog food products is why I have chosen to work directly with their team on the development of all product's across the brand including their Dry RAW diet's. We continue to develop and expand this range of natural and species-appropriate diet's which only includes high quality raw materials to give every dog the best opportunity for a long and healthy life without added vitamins or synthetic ingredients.