Advent Calendar for Dogs

For over 100 years, children and adults have been waiting in joyful anticipation in front of their Advent calendars every morning in December until Christmas, wondering what surprise is hidden behind the little door today.

But now it's our dogs' turn too! That's why we at FRESCO have developed a very special and huge Advent calendar for our four-legged friends. As always, the snacks in the usual Fresco quality come without artificial additives, meat meal or other fillers such as cereals or rice. The meat comes exclusively from EU-certified farms and is gently air-dried in our own production facility in Lünen, Westphalia.

The history of the Advent calendar:

It is impossible to imagine today's pre-Christmas season without Advent calendars. The beginnings go back to the 19th century. Some families gradually hung 24 religious pictures on the wall, in other homes children were allowed to wipe away one of 24 chalk strokes each day that their parents had previously painted on the door.

In 1902, the first printed calendar appeared in the form of a Christmas clock. However, it took until 1920 for the first Advent calendar with little doors to appear. At first, a different picture, a Bible verse or a song text was hidden behind each number every day. Especially after the Second World War, Advent calendars with little pieces of chocolate as a surprise were on the rise and are still very popular today. The homemade version with 24 small gifts can also be found in more and more children's rooms, kitchens or living rooms these days. Thanks to FRESCO, our favourite four-legged friends are finally getting their money's worth during Advent.

Keep your dog full of festive spirit all through December with our selection of Advent calendar for Dogs. Available in 5 Designs and 3 Sizes. Made with natural ingredients and grain-free for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

Fold Out Calendar for Dogs

The advent eye-catcher in every home! This stand-up Advent calendar decorates every house wonderfully Christmassy. Thanks to its foldable design, the Advent calendar can stand and does not have to be hung up.
What could be better than enjoying the cosy Christmas season together with your family and your four-legged friend? With its cute design, this Advent calendar is a decorative eye-catcher in the home.
This festive Advent calendar features several furry noses under the snow-covered tree who are eagerly waiting for their delicious treats hidden behind the doors.
Christmas night with Santa Paws! If you don't want to wait until the 25th of December, you can now enjoy the sight of him all Advent long. The five furry noses are eagerly waiting for their presents.
What could be better than a snowy Christmas night? Our Advent calendar with Christmas tree, fairy lights and gift-bearing Santa Paws creates a contemplative Advent atmosphere.

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