BAAA! Why you should add lamb to your dog's diet.

It does not always have to be poultry or beef, because dogs enjoy a little variety in their food bowl! An extremely healthy alternative to poultry and co. is lamb.

It is not only particularly tasty, but also east to digest. It is especially suitable for allergy sufferers to get enough protein during an exclusion/elimination diet.

Lamb has a good meat-to-fat ratio and is very lean. In addition, lamb is very healthy: it can help prevent digestive disorders and support the stomach lining.

Lean and tender

Lamb is a very lean meat because it contains less than four percent fat. On the other hand, the protein content is remarkable: 100 grams of lamb meat contain about 18 grams of protein. It also provides dogs with essential fatty acids, which have a positive effect on skin metabolism and ensure a shiny dog coat. The vitamin and mineral content is also worth mentioning, as this type of meat provides a lot of these!

In addition to vitamins of the B group, it also contains vitamins A and C. Minerals such as iron, niacin, potassium and calcium are also present in sufficient quantities.

The composition of these ingredients has an overall very positive effect on dog health. Among other things, the formation of red blood cells is promoted and thus the development of anaemia is prevented.

All Ears

Lamb ears have a remarkable protein content. The raw protein of lamb ears is 91.8 percent, whereas the raw fat content is less than four percent. Click here for Lamb EarsClick here for Lamb Ears with Fur

Lamb Sausage

Our Lamb sausage combines five market-fresh ingredients (lamb, courgette, apple, millet) for a scrumptious taste sensation that will be loved by everyone – you'll even want to try it yourself! Lamb is a particularly famous meat for its high biological value. It's super rich in vitamins and minerals: iron, zinc, phosphorus and selenium. Click here for our Lamb Sausage

Lamb Training Treats

We capture all the goodness of the fresh ingredients by gently air and freeze drying, delivering the taste dogs love, with none of the grains they don't need. Click here for Lamb Training Treats

Lamb High Value Rewards

Soft, chewy & packed with protein. 100% natural, high value reward treats for your dog. Click here for our Lamb Grillers.

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