Chomping at the bit for Bugs

We all want our dogs to lead healthy and active lives. To ensure this, they need various nutrients, which they take in through their dog food. One of the most important ingredients for a dog's organism is protein. Dogs use the amino acids in protein to fuel their muscles, bones and organs. Without sufficient protein, important metabolic processes in the body do not function smoothly. 

In times when sustainability, environmental protection and health are becoming increasingly important, dog foods with insects are moving further into the focus of dog owners.

And for good reason: a dog food with insects has many advantages - both for the environment and for the health of our four-legged friends. But what exactly makes a dog food with insect protein so special? In this blog we will show you 3 fundamental reasons.

Allergy friendly and well tolerated

Especially dogs with sensitive stomachs or diagnosed intolerances benefit from the high-quality source of insect protein. Many dogs nowadays suffer from an allergy to common proteins like beef, chicken or fish. Due to its low allergy potential, the exotic insect protein rarely triggers an allergic reaction.

Protects the environment

In the 21st century, there is one issue that affects everyone equally: climate protection. The conventional production of normal dog food is not particularly sustainable in most cases. Farm animals such as cattle not only require vast amounts of water, they also produce a lot of ammonia, large quantities of which are harmful to the air, soil and water.

A great advantage of producing dog food with insects is that insects are climate-friendly both in their rearing and in their keeping. The production of one kilo of insect protein uses only a fraction of water compared to cattle protein. The emission of greenhouse gases is also reduced many times over through the use of insects.

Health benefits

Of course we want our dogs to be healthy. They should be fed in a species-appropriate way and live a long and happy life. 

Since dogs are not exclusively dependent on protein from beef or fish, for example, insect protein is a suitable source of protein. Insects have a complete amino acid profile. This means that the 8 essential amino acids that your dog can only get from dog food are all found in insect protein. In addition to the amino acids, insects have many vitamins such as vitamin B12, which is elementary for various metabolic processes in your dog's body.

Another interesting fact is that dogs are not necessarily dependent on protein from farm animals. Dogs are omnivores and therefore able to obtain amino acids from different sources, such as insects or protein-rich plants.

Their ancestors did the same. This is because wolves are not always lucky enough to have a prey animal right under their noses. In times of prey scarcity, they are forced to resort to insects. Without suffering any damage to their health, they instinctively feed on the protein of insects.

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