Choosing the right food for your dog


With the launch of our frozen raw nuggets just around the corner, we wanted to put together this list to show you all your options for feeding your dog FRESCO.

We understand it can be challenging to decide what to feed your dog so this list will go through your three meal options with FRESCO and explain them in more detail so you can make a more informed decision on your pooch’s diet.

Always consider your dog’s age, activity and breed.

One thing you can be sure of is that no matter what FRESCO product you choose, your dog will always be eating human-grade dog food made exclusively from pure meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs & selected oils.                                 

If you are new member to the #FRESCOFAMILY, and want to learn more about our philosophy click here.

Fresco Dry Raw Complete Plus – Not extruded or cold pressed but gently air dried.

How do we manufacture our Dry Raw?

We start by mixing all fresh ingredients without the use of heat and form them into small nuggets - they stick together well, even without heat. These nuggets are placed on trolleys to gently air-dry in our state-of-the-art air dryer for around 20 hours at temperatures of around 60° degrees.

This process is much more complex than extrusion or cold pressing, but has many advantages: Fresh, species-appropriate ingredients can be used. The air-drying preserves all important and essential nutrients and vitamins from the raw materials. It is not necessary to artificially add any vitamins, or minerals to your dog’s diet.


Fresco Frozen Raw Nuggets - Simply thaw and serve

Not everyone has the time and experience to put together all the necessary raw ingredients and components to put together a nutritious and wholesome raw menu for their dog, which is why we have developed or readymade Frozen Raw Nuggets. We have worked tirelessly with renowned vets and nutrition experts to provide your dog with all the essential nutrients in these handy and easy to portion frozen nuggets. Made exclusively from pure muscle meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and selected oils.

Key to the outstanding quality of our Frozen Raw Nuggets are the ingredients. We only use finest natural produce including fully traceable meat, fruits and vegetables mainly sourced locally.

What you never find are flavours, colours, preservatives, bone meals, chemicals, wheat, rice, grains, corn, or soy. 

If you would like to know more about how we manufacture our nuggets, and how to transition your dog’s diet click here.


Fresco Complete Plus Wet Food

What exactly is Fresco Complete Plus wet food? Simply wet food in its best form!

Our wet food menus all consist of high-quality, market-fresh ingredients: pure muscle meat and healthy offal, fresh vegetables, and fruit as well as selected oils. Healthy and nutritious wet food in raw feeding friendly quality is not possible? Yes, it is!

The key is to prepare the raw ingredients as gently as possible. We therefore preserve all the natural vitamins and raw materials by gently steam cooking the raw materials directly in the can.

No need for a freezer – Our Complete Plus Cans are the ideal travel companion and a great for on the go.


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