FRESCO Dry RAW Dog Food.....RAW Feeding without the mess!

Make the switch to a more convenient way of RAW feeding with FRESCO Dry RAW…….Raw feeding without the mess!

At FRESCO we believe that feeding your dog the best diet is key to a long and healthy life of your beloved 4 legged friend, with this in mind we have created a range of 100% natural diet’s and treats for dogs. Our team of highly trained holistic nutritionists which is headed by our award winning top German vet Anita Kroger have calculated each ingredient within our Dry RAW diets to the finest detail to optimise the best results, it is no wonder we have recently took top spot on “All About Dog Food” for the best Dry Dog Food in the UK scoring a huge 98% out of 100 based on their independent nutritional evaluation.

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With many dog owners switching to a frozen raw dog food diet this new feeding style is growing rapidly in the UK & Europe. However it is not always as easy as it seems to make the switch from kibble with many small hurdles to tackle before and during the changeover.

While considering the switch to a raw based dog food diet it seems many UK dog owners are still put off by the inconvenience and stress which can be caused by calculating the correct amounts to feed per day and not to mention the storage of at times 10-15kg of frozen dog food in your freezer at home.

I struggle to feed frozen raw dog food, is there an alternative?
Thankfully FRESCO has now developed a unique and easy feeding option for raw feeding dog owners with the arrival of our FRESCO Dry RAW Dog Food range, within the range we have included all the essential ingredients into a simply air dried form. We remove nearly all moisture from the protein to result in a tasty dry biscuit style food without the use of grains, rice or fillers, thus making FRESCO the perfect raw boost your dog has been searching for without the mess.

Do I need to re-hydrate FRESCO Dry RAW Food?
No, our food is both air dried and freeze dried using our specially designed manufacturing process to remove the inconvenience of having to add water to our food. Unlike freeze dried raw dog food brands who offer a similar type of food, our food does NOT turn into a porridge state before feeding, instead you simply open the bag and serve our uniformed biscuit style pieces without any faffing around.

How do I feed a varied diet with FRESCO Dry Raw, are the rules the same as feeding a frozen raw diet?

FRESCO’s Dry RAW 80:20 Complete Plus diets are available in 5 different protein options and 3 pack sizes: 1kg, 2.5kg & 5kg. Although our food is a dry diet option we still follow the raw feeding rules as our food is simply made from fresh meat, fruit & vegetables, to feed your dog the best diet a variety of different proteins is key to ultimately offer your dog a naturally balanced feeding plan. We recommend feeding at least 3 different proteins within your dog’s diet across a 4 week period to ensure they intake all the vital nutrients and minerals for their body to thrive.

How much FRESCO Dry RAW should I feed compared to standard frozen RAW food?
As we remove nearly all moisture from our Dry RAW food the daily feeding amounts differ greatly from a standard frozen raw diet. Did you know frozen dog food contains around 75% moisture, with our Dry RAW Food this is reduced down to as little as 8%, as a result your dog only requires on average 1% of their body weight to be fed per day on FRESCO Dry Raw compared to 3% of body weight as advised for frozen raw dog food feeding.

For smaller dog’s they do require a little more food than medium to large dogs, this is due to their metabolism working faster than their larger counterparts. For smaller dog’s that amount is still very little with a recommended feeding percentage of only 1.3% per day.

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Can you feed a mix of FRESCO Dry RAW as well as frozen raw dog food?
Yes, as our food contains no nasty ingredients or fillers our unique food can be easily fed alongside your dog’s current frozen raw dog food. You can offer frozen dog food in the morning and FRESCO Dry RAW food in the evening.

Many of FRESCO customers opt for this option as this makes going away at the weekends or on holiday stress free as no frozen raw dog food is required. All you need is your bag of FRESCO Dry RAW and you are ready to go! As your dog’s digestive system will already be adapted to the change of ingredients you will avoid any upset stomachs or loose stools. When changing your dog from any diet you can be faced with a change in stools, this is totally normal as your dog’s body gets used to the change of ingredients within the food and its makeup.

If you are feeding Frozen RAW complete foods we recommend using our FRESCO Dry RAW complete plus range as these diets include the perfect balance of ingredients. However if you create your own DIY frozen food diets then we recommend selecting our FRESCO Complete Menu range, simply balance the ingredients from both diets across the feeding plan. This is a great option to add a little crunch to their diet, all without the use of lesser quality ingredients such as low meat content kibble foods.

Do you offer FRESCO Dry RAW diets for all life stages?
Yes we cater for dog’s all of ages with our range now including several life stage diets. Our range includes Puppy Dry RAW, Adult Dry RAW, Senior Dry RAW and also a Light Dry RAW selection.

How do I store my FRESCO Dry RAW?
Say goodbye to running your chest freezer 24/7! FRESCO Dry RAW does not require any special storage to keep it fresh.

With every bag arriving in foil packaging this will help keep the nutrients levels at their peak throughout (we don’t use any synthetic preservatives within our food so foil bag help us keep it fresh and tasty), once opened we recommend using the contents of the full bag within 8 weeks . Just like any food or treat, we recommend storing in a cool dry place and closing the pack with its zip lock which is already attached to the bag.

I am unsure how much to feed per day, can you help?
Yes, our team are always on standby to help you! Simply drop us an email, message us on social media or call the team directly on 01236 732929. They will be more than happy to help advise and plan a feeding schedule for you based on your dog’s weight, age and breed.

Where can I purchase this awesome food?
You can shop and view all of our products in our online store by clicking this link, all order placed before 1pm on weekdays are dispatch same-day and sent on a next day delivery service*

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