FRESCO Wet Food.....Questions & Answers

What is in our FRESCO wet food range?

Similar to all FRESCO products, our wet food range offers a tasty, natural & convenient way to feed a high meat content food for your dog. We gently steam cook each can or sausage to lock in all the vital nutrients and minerals while keeping the product tasting meaty and delicious with every mouthful.

Our range offers 3 styles which you can choose from:
80:20 Complete Wet Food
Wet Sausage Range
Superfood Wet Food

Each range offers a variety of protein choices including Lamb, Beef, Chicken & Duck plus many more. We are so proud of our varieties and confident of our ingredients that we individually list every single ingredient plus the percentage of that particular part.....does your current food offer this or do they opt to only state the highest percentage and not all the others?

When feeding a frozen raw diet or raw style diet it is essential that you know every single ingredient your dog is eating, this is why we state all parts so you can balance their diet accordingly across their main food and also their treats.

Each can is packed with the highest quality meat along with locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables. This helps us continuously offer the freshest ingredients within every can. The shelf life of each can or sausage is approximately 12 months (unopened) as we do not add any synthetic preservatives to our food unlike other brands which are currently sold in the UK.

To feed, simply peel back the ring pull or carefully cut the foil sausage and serve! You can also use our wet food lines with Lick & Train mats plus other food style training toys.

Note: When feeding any natural treats or extra food to your dog, be sure to reduce their main meal to compensate for the extra food they intake from their treats or snack.

Unlike other brands our FRESCO wet food contains:

NO Artificial Flavourings
NO Preservatives
NO Synthetic Minerals
NO Grains or Cereals

Can I feed FRESCO wet food alongside a frozen raw dog food diet?
YES, due to the high meat content, no hidden fillers and also no synthetic ingredients our FRESCO wet food range is perfect for those days where you have simply forgotten to defrost your dog’s meal the night before or would like a few days of easy feeding. Our wet food range can also be mixed with our FRESCO Dry RAW Food to offer a wet food meal with a little added crunch while maintaining the highest quality raw style diet for your dog.

What size of cans do you offer within this range?
We now offer both 400g & 800g can sized on our Complete Plus range of wet food and currently 400g for all sausage and superfood lines. We will soon be launching a new variety of 4 new proteins too to offer the best varied diet for your dog which include flavours such as Goat & Duck.

How much do I feed of FRESCO Wet Food?
We recommend feeding 2% of your dog’s weight, to calculate this against your dog’s weight you can simply use our FRESCO formula:

FRESCO Feeding formula:  Weight x 20

Dogs Weight 15kg based on 2% feeding

15 x 20 = 300g

Dogs Weight 20kg based on 2% feeding
20 x 20 = 400g

What is the shelf life of each can once opened?
Once opened we recommend using within 3 days and keeping refrigerated during each day between portioning.

Do you offer any deal or offers on large case sizes with a discount?
Soon to be YES!  We will be adding our full range of FRESCO Wet food lines to our bundle deal offers in the coming weeks, sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know of the launch.

If you have any further questions or need advice on feeding your dog, you can reach our customer service team across all weekdays on 01236 732929, they would love to speak to you!

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    how much protein is in the beef wet food is this ok to give your dog just the wet food daily

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