FRESCO's 2019 - Natural Christmas Advent Calendar for dogs!

Christmas is coming…..enjoy the countdown with your dog this Christmas thanks to our new  “FRESCO 2019 Christmas Dog Advent Calendar”

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Natural Dog Advent Calendar for dogs! Packed with an array of healthy & nutritious treats and chews your dog will love!

For more than 100 years, children and adults alike have been looking forward to their advent calendars every December. Each morning, they open a little door of their calendar in joyful expectation and receive little gifts to shorten their time until Christmas Day.

Now it's your dog’s turn! This very special advent calendar was created exclusively for our furry friends. You get to reward your dog every day leading up to Christmas with a collection of 55 delicious and healthy treats. Now you and your dog can enjoy this special moment together with the excitement of finding out which delicious treat lies behind each door. All treats are made from real meat and are free from any artificial additives or fillers.

Your dog’s tail will be wagging with excitement each morning as you reveal their daily surprise!

Unlike our competitors our FRESCO Advent Calendar for dog’s our tasty calendar excludes the use of both Raw hide & Chocolate ingredients! Instead we have created the UK’s best Advent for dogs which can now be used by both Raw Fed dogs and kibble fed dog’s alike! We also include 55 Grain Free & Pure Meat treats within each calendar, making these perfect for all types of dogs from small to large breed.

Behind the 25 doors you will find a selection of perfectly air dried treat or chew on that chosen day, without the use of nasty preservatives or additives we have created what we believe to be the best countdown to Christmas for your dog! To top the off they will also have the enjoyment of opening “Day 25” Christmas Day which will unveil the largest chew in the box for them to join in on the celebrations!

What is included in calendar?
Below you will see a sneak preview of the products included:


Is the FRESCO Christmas Advent Calendar safe to feed alongside a RAW fed dog?
YES, all of our treats are made from only 100% Meat & Grain FREE without any nasty ingredients or synthetics.

Does the FRESCO Advent Calendar include Chocolate or Raw Hide?
NO! We strive to offer only the healthiest treats and Christmas is no different, while other brands will include these cheap ingredients we simply won’t!

How big is the FRESCO Christmas Advent Calendar?
Our Advent Calendar really is huge, with overall dimensions of 55cm x 43cm, we believe this to be the largest calendar on the market!

I have more than one dog, do you offer a discount for multiple purchases?
YES, we have recently added a bundle deal for which you can save an extra 5% OFF plus FREE DELIVERY for when you purchase our twin pack , check it out today.

Availability for this product is limited due to it being a seasonal item so you will have to be quick, we include all of the treats & chew in our everyday range too throughout the year so your dog can be sure to enjoy these delicious treats 365 days a year!

Have you already received your FRESCO Advent? Tag us on social media with your dog posing with their Christmas countdown!

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