Frozen Raw Nuggets for Dogs

Our delicious and nutritious nuggets are made exclusively from pure muscle meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and selected oils. A balanced recipe that naturally contains all essential vitamins & minerals for your dog. 

Key to quality is the raw material. We only use finest natural ingredients including fully traceable meats fruits and vegetables mainly locally sourced. What you don’t find is flavours, colours, preservatives, bone meals, chemicals, wheat, rice, grains, corn, soy or other fillers. Simply thaw & serve.




  • Improved digestion
  • Shinier coat
  • Healthier skin
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Better breath


Most of the available raw products on the market are frozen using a mechanical refrigeration process that uses a cooling agent to slowly lower the temperature to around -18 degrees.

During this slow freezing process large ice crystals being to develop. These have a negative impact on the proteins, vitamins, essential minerals and flavour of the original ingredients.

We at Fresco use a special process called Cryogenic freezing. The fresh ingredients are cooled down and frozen rapidly.

This process allows the water in and around the cells to crystalize evenly so that the cell structure does not suffer any damage. All the essential nutrients and flavour from our market fresh ingredients are optimally preserved.

There are substantial differences in the quality of frozen dog nuggets in favour of cryogenic freezing compared to the conventional slow freezing.



We recommend changing over the diet immediately.

Skip a meal (preferably in the evening) and start directly with the frozen raw nuggets for the next meal.

Feed a single protein for the first 14 days to allow your dog's tummy to get used to their new food. After two weeks, we recommend alternating between different proteins.


Feeding a variety of proteins is key to offering your dog the naturally balanced diet he deserves.

With our frozen raw nuggets, you can easily balance your dog's diet across a flavourful range of 10 different proteins, including our hypoallergenic range. Click here.


  • Open the bag and pour the desired amount of nuggets into the bowl.
  • Let the bow thaw in the fridge for a few hours.
  • Take the bowl out of the fridge 20 minutes before feeding time to allow the nuggets to cool down to room temperature.
  • Simply store our frozen raw nuggets in the freezer.
  • Opened bags can easily be closed again thanks to the handy pressure lock.

Can I feed the frozen raw nuggets alongside the dry raw and wet food range?

Yes, all our products can be combined without harming your dog's digestion. You can for example feed the Dry Raw for breakfast and opt for the frozen raw nuggets for dinner.

 Do the frozen raw nuggets contain any additives?

No and they never will! Just like with all our products, we never add any synthetics or hidden nasties.

What protein/flavour will the frozen raw nuggets be available in?

We will start with a range of 5 different proteins: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Horse & Turkey.


All our products are developed and manufactured according IFS which includes HACCP food safety standard programs, ensuring the highest quality with consistent results at all times. Our people are paramount in ensuring that our food safety standards are consistently met. Our highly skilled and dedicated team works with a key focus to detail, ensuring our products are manufactured to the highest standards. Our well-trained and competent workforce empowered to make the right decision, first time.

  • Maureen Barton on

    Our nuggets arrived today, a bit late but still perfectly frozen. They look to be a great size for rapid thawing, we’ll report back once they have been sampled!

  • Lavinia Williams on

    Can’t wait for my boy to try them

  • Karen on

    Can you choose which meats are contained in the nuggets as my dog is allergic to some meats

  • Sandra Spark on

    Do you lab test each batch for salmonella and campylobacter?

  • Claire Cullen on

    Can the nuggests be fed frozen?

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