How do i feed RAW dog food on holiday?

How do I take frozen RAW dog food on holiday?

Are you planning on going away on a small adventure this summer with your four legged friend? Feeding a RAW diet for your dog can be difficult while camping or staying at hotels as keeping their food fresh and frozen is near impossible.

FRESCO Dry RAW food allows natural feeding in a simple and uncomplicated solution. After all, the adventure should not be held back by when FRESCO has the solution only one click away.

Weather you are on the campsite, in the apartment or in the hotel: The inconvenient issue of taking a frozen raw dog food diet on holiday presents dog owners a seemingly unsolvable task. Very rarely can a Frozen RAW dog food diet be taken easily on holiday due to the risk of it defrosting or going foul while in transit . Many  raw feeding owners want to maintain a healthy and species-appropriate feeding according to the prey concept on holiday. Don't worry our team of nutrtional experts at FRESCO have developed our exclusive FRESCO Dry RAW range of complete dry foods perfect for those trips away, it can also be easily fed along side your current frozen raw dog feeding plan with ease.

Can a RAW food be dry and still maintain the RAW feeding rules?

A healthy balanced raw style diet from natural, fresh ingredients is for us the best solution to this holiday hold back. 

So we asked ourselves:  Is it possible to develop a dog food that is made entirely from purely healthy raw ingredients and still offer all the benefits of a dried food? We were also set with the task of ensuring the food did not contain grain, without subsequently sprayed vitamins and without meat flours or inferior fillers while providing all the nutrients that a dog needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With RAW feeding concept in mind and at the top of our list , we have developed our FRESCO Dry RAW diet with recognized nutrition experts and veterinarians.

FRESCO Dry RAW may seem expensive per kg but not when we work out the figures….

During our manufacturing and unique drying process we use between 3-4kg of RAW food to receive only 1kg of our FRESCO Dry RAW as nearly all of the moisture is took from the raw meat material which is naturally held within the meat.

As a result you only need to find a small percentage compared to your dogs total weight to offer all the energy required for your dog to stay active exactly how they are on a day to day basis while eating frozen raw food. Less than 50% of their normal daily feeding amount is required!

Comparison feeding guide for an adult dog:

FRESCO Frozen RAW – 2-3% of total body weight

FRESCO Dry RAW – 0.8%-1% of total body weight

Prepare for summer or take out the stress of raw feeding a couple of times per week with our complete Dry RAW meals.

View of all of our FRESCO Dry RAW products  here:

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