Powerful parsnips & their hidden secret....

Eyes open, ears pointed & tail wagging

: Here comes the parsnip! 
Parsnips have many hidden powers which makes them the perfect addition to your dog’s diet.

We save the parsnip from oblivion and use the versatile root vegetable in many of our tasty Dry Raw, Frozen Raw and Wet food lines. 

What makes parsnips the perfect ingredient?

On the one hand because of their high content of potassium, which is particularly good for the heart and the circulation. On the other hand, the high magnesium content strengthens the nervous and muscular system. With all of these super healthy benefits you will be asking yourself why you haven’t added this to your dog’s diet already! Don’t worry we have been using the freshest parsnips within many of our meals and it is one we will be sure to keep!

Another special highlight: It is ideal for dogs with a slightly more sensitive stomach! The cross between carrot and parsley helps make this vegetable easily digestible and also calms the stomach by containing essential oils.

Parsnips–with all their health-enhancing nutrients—clearly deserve a prominent place in our dog’s diet, just as much as our own.

Go on, add some parsnips to your dog’s diet today or shop below to purchase one of our ready meals which include this awesome super vegetable! 

Which FRESCO products include the “Powerful Parsnips”?

Dry RAW Complete Menu: Turkey with Parsnips, Blackberries & Dandelion
Dry RAW Junior: Veal with Apples, Parsnips & Rose Hips

FRESCO Superfood Wet: Turkey with Parsnips, Blackberries & Basil

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