Remember, Remember to keep your dog safe this 5th of November!

Remember, remember to keep your dog safe this 5th of November!

It is the day of the year every dog and their owner dislikes, sadly until our government grabs the reigns on the public sale of fireworks we can only prepare and plan for the night ahead and also the day’s before and after the events has packed up and finished.

In this week’s “FRESCO Dog Health Blog” we have put together a small guide on how to prepare and a few simple ways to help reduce the stress and anxiety your dog may endure during this time.

Keeping your dog safe & secure:
Plan your walk times and also the routes you may choose for tonight’s evening stroll. The most common time for planned local authority events to take place is normally around 7pm to 8pm. These events will usually last around 2 hours and will no doubt offer many loud bangs and flashes of light continuously throughout. You can check where your local authority may be holding their event by either visiting your local website or calling your local office for more information, they will be happy to advise of the location and time for the event their have planned.

Local walks:
It is advised to totally avoid any local walks in the streets tonight if possible due to other households holding their own private events in their back gardens. Instead you can opt to go further afield to a more secluded area away from all the houses. Pack some FRESCO treats and jump in the car and take a small drive to a local area where you know there no to be too much commotion or events taking place. As you will not be the only dog owner in this position you can also reach out to your fellow local dog loving friends, this is also a safer option when walking at night especially in an area you may not be familiar with.

If you are travelling to a new location you should make sure they are both micro-chipped also kept on their lead at all times. With them being on the lead they will be safely by your side throughout the walk. However in the unlikely event that they do slip the lead it is always a reassuring to know they can be easily identified when found if they do take off. As of 2016 the UK government set micro-chipping as law for all dog owners in the UK, it is your job to make sure your dog has one fitted and also their information is up to date with your correct details!

Thing to take with you & to check:
Microchip is up to date
Lead and collar and also condition (Keep on at all times)
Torch and collar flash light (Check the batteries are full)
Fresco treats to reward them and keep them calm
Dog Coat (It is set to be a cold one)
Bowl & Drinking Water
Favourite Toy

Staying at home (The best option)
This is the most common option for many dog owners though it is not the easiest for when your dog need to pop out for a pee or number 2. If you live in a built up area yours neighbours will no doubt be holding their very own events in their back garden.

Get door knocking:
You may want to knock a few doors prior to events to politely ask when they plan to hold their event so you can prepare in advance for when the peak of the noise may take place. You can pencil down a list of times and create a small map of locations so you are ready to comfort your dog through the peak times of noise which may cause the most distress.

Schedule your dog’s pee or poo to before these events are set to take place. A quick trip into the back garden is the best option for this as you can easily return to your home quickly if any noises do began to take place.

Prepare your home:
There is a few quick and simple steps you can take to make your home as safe and secure as possible to help your dog feel safe and stress free.

Best to stay indoors:
Keeping your dog indoors throughout is the best option to keep them safe away from all the noise outside. Snuggle up on the couch together and comfort them with their favourite blanket, toy or fresco treat.

Let’s turn it up:
Turn up the radio or put on 101 Dalmatians, the noise from the radio & television will help drone out any unwanted bangs from the fireworks being let off, this will also reduce any stress your dog may be experiencing.

Pull them shut!
Closing your curtains and windows is a simple way to reduce both the sounds and also flashing lights which be happening locally.

Keep it topped up:
Dog’s will often tend to drink more water when they feel stressed or anxious, be sure to keep their bowl topped up with fresh drinking water.

What if my dog is still stressed by the fireworks?

There is many ways your dog will show signs of being stressed or anxious, this may include panting excessively, shaking, drooling, yawning and also putting their tail between their legs.

If you dog is showing signs of being worried it is sometimes best to let them pace around your home until they find a safe place to rest. Your dog will find this place on their own and it will be a location where they feel most secure. If it is in the corner of your living them why not grab a blanket and sit down with them during the evening, this will help comfort them in a place they feel safest. You can also help their chosen “den” feel a little more comfortable by placing some of your clothes near them, your scent will help them feel safe.

 As much as you will be worried for your dog’s well-being it is best to not let this show, your dog can read these signs of stress and it will make them feel even more anxious, simply act calm as if it is a normal night in front of the TV and do not crowd them too much. Tonight they are the boss and it should be noted this is not them acting in their normal behaviour. You should give them their own space and let them decide what makes them feel most secure and safe.  With this in mind it is also advised not to shout and give them into trouble, instead gently speak to them and praise them for their calming behaviour.

We hope you all have a safe Fireworks night, let’s hope 2020 is the year the government finally put a stop to the sale of public fireworks and also reduce the number of local events!

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