Should I be adding Omega 3 to my dog's diet? The answer is YES...

Grab your rod, it is time to go fishing!

We all know the fish is packed with healthy Omega 3, so why is it often over looked or seen as only a “treat” when feeding within our dog’s diet? Don’t worry if you are not great at fishing, FRESCO offers a huge range of fishy additions your dog will love.

 At FRESCO we believe every dog should benefit from this tasty protein and it doesn’t have to be given only as a treat for them to thrive.

In this weeks “Dog Health Blog” we will cover the benefits protein has to offer and which types of fish are best suitable and most affordable for your pocket too.

What are the benefits of adding fish to my dog’s diet?

Adding fish to your dog’s diet will ensure your dog intakes both Omega 3 & Omega 6! Both of which are packed with special antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The natural fatty acids within will help maintain a healthy skin and coat condition for your dog too. A dog with a diet rich in Omega fish oils can also boost their immune system in the most natural way to help fight against bacterial infections and virus’s, this is particularly helpful with senior dogs. Omega 3 also helps fight pollen and other environmental allergies that your pet could be affected by.

Which type of fish should I feed my dog?

When selecting which type of fish you should feed your dog it is essential to be sure it is safe to feed. Although a large piece of smoked cod or dressed salmon may seem a tasty option for us humans they can prove dangerous when fed to your dog due to the high levels of salt or liquid smoke flavouring which has been added to “enhance” the flavour for us humans to enjoy. We recommend always opting for an “untreated” cut of fish such as Cod or Herring in its purest form.

Other things to consider when choosing which type of fish to feed your dog:

Life Span: The longer a fish lives, the higher amount of toxins they accumulate in their bodies. Look for fish with short life spans to avoid passing those high levels of built-up toxins down to your pets.

Size: The size of the fish is a good indication of whether it is suitable for your dog’s diet. Large-sized fish can eat other fish, which builds a high level of toxic mercury in their bodies. Small-sized fish, therefore, are nutritionally more suitable for a canine diet.

Bones: Be aware of the types of bone present in the fish. Bones are brittle, and while some dogs can happily chew them without incident, there is always the risk of fish bones perforating intestine walls and posing as a choking hazard.

If feeding RAW fish, we recommend freezing for 1 week before feeding this will kill and reduce the risk of any parasites which are within the fish meat itself. The safest and easiest way is to feed air dried fish treats, the air drying process while remove the risk of splintering of any bones within the fish but also make them more manageable to feed and serve into convenient portions on top of your dog’s food.

What is the most affordable & easiest way to add fish to my dog’s diet?

Adding healthy Omega’s to your dog’s diet is easy! You can feed as part of the main meals or choose to use as treats during training days or long evening walks.

The most common way to add this protein to your dog’s diet is by means of air dried “sprinkles” on top of their daily meal . Simply grab a pack of FRESCO Cod Skin Cubes, crush them into small pieces within the bag until it is in a powder like form and add to their food. This added extra can be added to both frozen RAW diets and also Dry RAW food diet plans.

Another great way to include this in your dog’s diet is to use them as treats during walks or training days with your dog. The most popular treat for this option is our FRESCO Baltic Herring Sprats, these are often used a “High Value Training Reward” and commonly the treat of choice of many dog trainers throughout the UK. You also don’t have to endure a smelly pocket while keeping these treats by your side, thankfully FRESCO Sprats arrive in a zip lock bag to not only keep them fresh but also lock in the fishy aroma your dog will love & your pocket not so much.

What is the most affordable way to buy FRESCO air dried fish treats?

You can save up to 20% off our fishy treats with our new bundle deal selection, our fish bundle include 6 different packs for your dog to sample, we will be looking to expand our bundle deals section in the months ahead to offer more bundle variety packs. You will also be happy to hear we will soon be adding a fish range into our Dry RAW & Wet Food categories plus of course many more delicious treats and chews.

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Do you feed your dog fish in their diet? Comment below with your own tips of tricks which you use to add this fishy protein into your dog’s daily meal plan.


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