The story behind our Insect menus

Hello Dog Lovers,

We're so proud that we've developed an all-natural, insect-based protein menu! It's a whole new way to get your dog the protein they need.

You see, our Insect Menus are made from a unique protein source that is not commonly found in dog foods or treats! They contain 100% pure Hermetia Illucens, that is raised with no chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, additives or preservatives.

What's the big deal about hermetia illucens? For starters, it's high-quality protein and has natural sources of essential amino acids. And did you know that insects are the most sustainable form of animal protein? They're also an excellent alternative for dogs that have allergies or sensitivities to conventional animal proteins like chicken, beef and lamb.

Plus they're just so much fun to say: Hermetia Illucens!

You don’t need to choose between flavour and quality when it comes to our insect menus! Your dog deserves both, and we’re here to deliver it. We created our Insect Menus so you can get everything you want from a dog food in a wet form—without sacrificing anything important.

When we set out to make our Insect Menus, we knew we had to do something different than standard wet foods on the market today. The result? A unique blend of ingredients carefully chosen for their taste and nutritional value that we gently steam cook directly in our cans to retain all natural vitamins.

Unfortunately, most wet foods on the market are basically just gravy with some meat chunks in it. Gross. So we went to work and came up with our FRESCO Menus.

How do we make them? We gently steam cook the raw materials directly in the can for high levels of nutrition and minimal waste. It's a picky-eater approved method that keeps all the natural vitamins and raw materials intact.

FRESCO Insect Menu with Apple, Pumpkin & Wild Berries

FRESCO Insect Menu with Sweet Potato, Parsnip & Apple

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