Top Rated 98% on "All about dog food".....FRESCO Dry RAW really is the best

Don’t simply take our word for it, FRESCO really is the best....

Have you been searching for the best food for your dog? FRESCO has just been rated the best dog food in the UK with a score of 98% out of 100!  The leading UK comparison website "All About Dog Food" named our Dry RAW Complete Plus Beef the best out of 900 other  tested dry food brands. The independent evaluation is based on a number of criteria’s with regard to the quality and selection of the ingredients used, the bio-availability of the nutrients and the gentle production. Our Dry RAW Complete Plus Beef meets all these criteria s which has resulted in a high rating of 98% out of 100. This rating distinguishes our Dry RAW dog food as a healthy, species-appropriate and wholesome dog food, which can be fed daily over a longer period of time and also alongside a frozen raw dog food diet plan.

Our unique air dry and freeze drying process locks in all the vital nutrients and minerals to offer a convenient and easy to feed natural complete raw dog food style diet.

We go that extra mile with our ingredients

Unlike many other brands of dog food we strive to only offer the best quality products along with a clear and honest breakdown of every single ingredient. Have you recently noticed other branded dog foods only state things such as "80% Beef " and wonder what percentage of the other ingredients are actually in the food your purchased and which "Beef" meat is hidden within this huge percetnage. More often than not this is due to the particular brand using cheap cuts of meat and choose to use the broad term "Beef" to make their food look more appealing to consumers searching for a natural based dog diet while offering poor quality cuts of raw material.

At FRESCO we offer a clear ingredients list of every product and its percentage which is within your dogs food even down the lowest percentage. This helps you balance your dogs diet accordingly against other meats, treats or snacks they may be eating alongside our top rated food.....variety and balance is key!

How does FRESCO offer such high quality products? The high-quality, all-natural ingredients make it possible. These are sourced predominantly from regional producers who supply not only us, but also human food manufacturers which us humans eat everyday. For our food we use only the best quality meat, no slaughterhouse waste! Because only natural vitamins can be absorbed and utilized almost completely by the organism, we keep our hands off artificial additives. The same applies to fillers such as cereals, corn and soybeans. This results in species-appropriate food that optimally provides your dog with all vital nutrients. Because all living things need to be fed a varied diet, we continuously expand our range, so that your dog has the largest possible selection of different products, whether it be from our Dry RAW , Frozen RAW or Wet dog food ranges.

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And another reason to celebrate: our Beef Grillers were also rated. They even got the best rating (100%) out of a total of 300 products in the category "dog treats" in terms of quality, bioavailability and production! It really doesn’t get better than that!

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  • Pauline Corfield on

    Our dog Billie is 18 months old and has been raw fed from the start. However she has been really fussy and stops eating apart from dry biscuits. I came across this brand and tried the raw dry food. Billie has gone mad for this food. She will now eat nothing else. I am reassured that the food is as nutritious as possible. It’s good to see her enjoy her food

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