Unique, Super Healthy & Nutritious.......FRESCO Dry RAW!

Are you searching for a RAW dog food alternative or a food you can happily fed alongside your dog’s current frozen raw dog food diet?

FRESCO Dry RAW is a unique concept without any added nasty ingredients, we blend the finest cuts of human grade meat, fresh vegetables and fruits into a crunchy biscuit texture. Our special air dry & freeze drying process locks in all the vital nutrients and minerals to help you feed your dog with a no mess alternative to conventional raw feeding and without the need to re-hydrate.

Did you know our FRESCO Dry RAW Complete Plus Beef flavour recently scored 98% on allaboutdogfood.co.uk the UK’s independent dog food review website. Their nutritional algorithm scores all dog food brands according to their individual nutritional values, as a result FRESCO has took top spot out of 900 foods, it really doesn’t get any better!

Within each bag 1kg bag of FRESCO Dry RAW food we use between 3-4kg of raw material which results in only 1kg of finished product. Frozen RAW dog food contains on average 72% moisture, our FRESCO Dry RAW food only contains 4%. As a result the feeding amounts differ greatly from with only on average 1% of your dog’s body weight to be fed per day across 2 meals compared to 3% on frozen raw dog food.

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Why do smaller dogs require more food than larger dog’s

 Smaller dogs have a faster metabolism than larger dog’s? As a result dog’s weighing below 15kg require a slightly higher amount of our Dry RAW food in their diet. Check out our daily feeding guidelines below. Our guidelines will help you start off on the journey of Dry RAW feeding, as every dog’s activity level and metabolism differs from dog to dog we do suggest weighing on a regular basis so you can be sure your dog is not being under fed or over fed during their meals.

Note: When feeding natural treats, be sure to deduct this amount from their daily food intake, this is commonly forgotten while feeding rewards and can increase your dog’s weight.

Feeding amount example:

For adult dogs upto 15kg:
1.3% of their body weight

14kg = 182 per day
Cost from: £2.18 per day

For adult dogs 15kg+
0.8% to 1% of their body weight

16kg = 128g to 160g  per day
Cost from: £1.53 per day

All of our FRESCO recipes have been formulated with the help of our very own in house holistic vet Anita Kröger. As a holistic veterinarian, Anita Kröger attaches particular importance to a species-appropriate, natural and varied diet on the subject of dog health. From the point of view of holistic veterinary medicine, nutrition plays a key role for a long and healthy dog 
​​life. The veterinarian and founder of ”The centre of dog health” in Germany specialises in the medical nutrition consultation on the treatment of chronic diseases. Her focus is on intolerance's, allergies and gastrointestinal diseases. As a specialist in healthy dog ​​food, she provides her ideas and experiences with a valuable contribution to the recipes throughout all assortments of both FRESCO’s Frozen RAW & Dry RAW foods.

Variety is key when feeding a RAW diet for your dog and our Dry RAW food is no different, as our food contains no synthetic minerals of vitamins your dog relies on a varied diet plan. With this in mind we have formulated a range of 5 different FRESCO Complete Plus recipes, each diet contains the perfect balance of meat, bone, fruit, vegetables and selected oils.

You can also feed our FRESCO Dry RAW food alongside your dog’s current frozen raw diet, we supply many customers who opt for feeding our unique food 3-4 times per week as an evening feed. This helps offer a meal with a different texture while not harming their daily diet and will also have you set for those weekends away when frozen raw dog food is not convenient option.

Unlike other brands we do not out source any manufacturing with any FRESCO product’s, instead we produce all ranges within our own state of the art factory in Germany. Our traceability is unlike any other company with us being able to track all sources of raw materials all the way down to who has hand picked our pears and apples. We also do not extrude our product of add any nasty hidden ingredients, you can view all of the ingredients & %  for each by clicking on each product in our store, this way you can be sure to balance your dog’s diet accordingly against others treats or food they may be eating.

Benefits of feeding FRESCO Dry RAW dog food:

- Locally sourced ingredients
- RAW feeding style without any mess
- Can be fed alongside your dog frozen raw diet
- Quick & Convenient
- Zip lock foil bag to keep it fresh
- Best nutritionally scored dry dog food in the UK
- Can also be used a training treats & rewards

Our FRESCO Dry RAW food can now also benefit from a moist food addition with the help of our FRESCO Wet food range. You can explore a range of 10 different wet food’s with contain the tastiest meat, fruit & veg whilst being gently steamed to look all in the delicious flavouring they have to offer. Simply open a can or sausage and mix through your dog Dry RAW food without reducing the quality of their diet.

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Our team of food specialists are always on hand to help get you started,
give us a call on 01236 732929 or reach us via the email link in our contact form.

Has your dog transitioned onto our FRESCO Dry RAW food? Comment below & rate this post with your own experience of feeding the UK’s best Dry RAW dog food and the reason you chose to power your dog on FRESCO

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Fresco Dog UK

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