Why do dogs simply love to chew?

Why dog’s simply love to chew….

As a dog owner you soon quickly realise your dog will chew on pretty much anything they can get their paws on, whether it be their favourite toy, your most expensive shoe or their tastiest 
FRESCO dog chew. A chewing dog is a happy dog, if you have ever wondered why your dog loves to chew then you are not alone. This is a common question by many dog owners both old and new throughout the UK. Understanding the reason for your dog chewing is the first step to stopping them from chewing on your own personal belongings (saving them from doggy destruction) Instead you will be able to teach them to use their own toys & chews to satisfy their urge to gnaw from puppy to adult age.

Which stage are dog’s most likely to chew?

Puppy stage
Without doubt the most stressful stage for any new dog owner, as your pup explores their new world and constantly searching for new and exciting things to chew on. Puppy’s in general are more prone to chewing as just like humans they grow and lose their first set of teeth, this process can lead to sore gums which something like chewing can help satisfy and ease the unwanted pain they may be experiencing. This is also their new way of taste testing what is what around their local surroundings, it is worth noting though although it may look cute when they chew on your partners slipper it can also be the start of a bad trait and you should use this time to offer them their own toy to play with

Separation Anxiety

Top TipWhy not pop your dog’s favourite chew toy in the freezer to cool it down, the cold toy will help ease the discomfort their gums are suffering from and reduce the teething pain.

Back to their primal instinct:
Chewing on bones and wood has been a common practice by dogs for many generations, this is their own way of cleaning their teeth to keep them strong and healthy oral care. There weren’t any local pet stores to pop into for their treats and toys so they had to scavenge for bones and branches while hunting to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Did you know?
Dogs and cats do not have the enzyme in their saliva like humans that breaks down starches, which means any starch-based food should to be followed by teeth brushing and rinsing routine.

How do I keep my dogs teeth clean?

A Healthy Diet: Just like us humans, we know that a diet rich in processed foods and sugars can impact our own oral health negatively — and it is the same for your dog! A minimally processed diet such a FRESCO Dry RAW food will naturally limit plaque and tarter build up as it contains no added nasty ingredients.

Which products can benefit both their chewing needs but also oral health?

Toys: There are many toys made specifically to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and help to prevent plaque build-up. Durable rubber toys are the best option, your dog’s need to chew will be satisfied with its hard texture and long lasting capabilities. You can also purchase toys which have the option of stuffing with food or treats, this little trick will be sure to make your dog work harder to retrieve the tasty filling which is inside. You can use fillings such as our FRESCO Wet Sausage while offering a natural diet, we advise to stay away from low protein fillers as they often contain little to no meat and mostly filled with grains and synthetic ingredients.

Raw Bones:  Bones will keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Raw bones work to scrape away plaque and tartar without leaving behind a starch like many popular dental chew treats do such as Pedigree, Bakers and similar supermarket brands. Be sure to keep your dog supervised when feeding any bones to avoid any choking hazards or splintering.

Long Lasting Treats: At FRESCO we stock a wide range of long lasting treats which are super for both maintaining the healthiest diet for your dog but also long lasting to keep them entertained longer than 5 minutes. It comes as no surprise that our most popular long lasting dog chew & treat is with our Bull Pizzle range, depending on your dog’s size you can be sure to find the perfect solution with our Odour Free options.

FRESCO Braided Bull Pizzles combine 3 pizzles sticks into one tasty, long lasting chew for your dog. Available in 2 sizes, 12cm & 25cm. Check them out today!

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