Why you should be feeding your dog kangaroo meat!

Kangaroo in your dog food!?

For many of you this may sound like an unusual ingredient for your dog’s food, but we are going to explain to you why Kangaroo is potentially one of the healthiest and most ethical meats for your dog’s diet.

From nutritional benefits to sustainability this blog post will run you through all the benefits of feeding your dog Kangaroo.

Nutritional Benefits:

Kangaroo is a particularly lean meat, containing less than 2% fat.

This makes it one of the healthiest red meat options. It is suitable for dogs of all diet types, particularly those that are sensitive, like sufferers of pancreatitis.

Kangaroo is also the ideal meat option for dog’s suffering from allergies as it classifies as a novel protein.

It is also known to have a high concentration of so-called conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), which are said to be effective against diabetes and cancer.

Kangaroo meat contains a lot of B vitamins and zinc. Why does my dog need zinc you are asking?

Well, not only is zinc critical for the correct function of your dog’s cell membranes but it also supports the immune system, making sure they quickly recover from any injury they may inflict during their daily adventures.

Zinc also helps your dog to metabolize both: proteins and carbohydrates. The benefits do not stop here, zinc also improves the health of your dog’s coats and aids to protect their paw pads.

As well as zinc, kangaroo meat is an excellent source of iron for your dog’s diet. If a dog is deficient in iron it can lead to a decreased production of red blood cells. This can affect the dog’s immune system.

Sustainability & Environmental Benefits

We are often asked whether it is even sustainable to use kangaroo meat.

Our answer: YES!

Kangaroos are endemic, meaning they can only be found in a single defined geographic location, which in the case of the Kangaroos is Australia.

The animals have reproduced uncontrollably in the past and have therefore been deliberately hunted for several years.This is necessary so that large parts of Australia do not lose their biodiversity as they are overgrazed by a large number of kangaroos.

In addition, Australia's resources are insufficient to feed all the kangaroos, so the animals themselves are threatened with starvation.


  • Q: What are novel proteins?

    A: Novel proteins simply are 'new' proteins, that have never been used in your dog's food before.

  • Q: What other novel proteins do you stock?

    A: Rabbit, Horse, Ostrich, Camel, Goat

  • Q: How long will the food last once opened?

    A: As we do not add any preservatives to any of our FRESCO products this does shorten the longevity of the food once the bag is opened. We recommend using the whole contents of each bag within an 8 week period from opening to ensure the high nutritional benefits for your dog's diet.

  • Q: Does all the meat come from Australia and is it farmed or wild?

    A: Our meat comes exclusively from Australia and we use only wild kangaroo meat to help with the sustainability.

  • Q: What Kangaroo Products do you stock?

    A: We offer Kangaroo meat within our Kangaroo Dry Raw and our Kangaroo Wet Food 

  • Fiona on

    Kimba says she would like to review this product. I struggle to get her to eat on a morning as she suffers with Anal frunculosis and she’s on various medications so she is on an elimination diet. This has been a god send. Waits for me to dish it up. Bowl always clean and the main thing is her poos are great. Thank you Fresco for making life easier and Kimba very happy. Hopefully your other kangaroo products will be back soon

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