Change of feed

Changeover to natural dog food

From industrial feed to BARF

The longer a dog has been given industrially produced dry food, the more difficult it is for him to change over at the beginning. Therefore, many veterinarians recommend that the digestive tract of the dog should be freed from industrial feed. At the beginning they recommend a so-called "starvation day" for 24 hours. This is no problem for healthy dogs - for puppies it is enough to skip a meal. Initially, only one type of meat should be fed together with easily digestible vegetables.

From industrial feed to ready barb menus

People who start with BARF are often worry about their dog's nutrient supply. The solution is meaningfully arranged feed plans and finished Barf menus. Such menus facilitate not only the fresh cuisine, because the individual components are already arranged in an optimal proportion, the menus take likewise the concern from possible lacks regarding the nutrients and vitamins.

From industrial feed to dried barf

For all those who for time or space reasons have no possibility for a BARF feed with frozen, raw components, we offer a high-quality and healthy alternative to conventional industrial dry feed with our dry BARF.