Dry Raw Junior Menu Lamb with Courgette, Fennel and Low-fat Yoghurt

Dry Raw Junior Menu Lamb with Courgette, Fennel and Low-fat Yoghurt
Dry Raw Junior Menu Lamb with Courgette, Fennel and Low-fat Yoghurt
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Daily feeding example:
5kg Puppy = 100g - 150g per daily feed
Cost per day: £1.49 - £2.24

Feeding Recommendation
You don't have to soak our FRESCO Dry RAW in water. You can simply feed it dry. Of course your dog should always have enough fresh water available.

· Puppies, young dogs and lactating bitches: approx. 2-3% of the current body weight *

FRESCO Junior Dry RAW Menus consist exclusively of fresh ingredients, pure muscle meat, offal, calcium bones, vegetables, fruit and oils. The menu comes without preservatives or added vitamin and mineral supplements. The best raw dog food alternative for when you are on the move, can also bed fed alongside you current frozen puppy dog food diet. Our unique cooking process combines a complete 80-20 dog food diet into easy & managble dry food pieces while maintaining an optinum feed for your dog.


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Your dog is harmed not only by environmental factors, but increasingly by the ingredients in the feed. The preservatives, additives and chemical residues often contained therein may be responsible for diseases such as tumors, kidney and liver damage, musculoskeletal disorders, fertility disorders and allergies. We have therefore decided to completely avoid the addition of any additives into any of our FRESCO Dry RAW diets.

The production process of FRESCO Dry RAW. differs from all conventional "premium" dry foods available in the UK market. Instead of extruding the ingredients under high pressure and high temperatures (pressure cooker), they are dried in an elaborate and gentle air & freeze drying process.

As a result of our unique air and freeze drying process all vital nutrients found directly in the source ingredients are retained through this new process. For the production of 1kg FRESCO Dry RAW we use 4kg of FRESCO Complete Plus to achieve this fantastic result , as the moisture is almost completely removed by the drying.

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Most dog foods are made from inferior raw materials, mainly grain, bone meal and fats, which are then extruded at high pressure and temperatures. Since the natural nutrients are largely destroyed by the manufacturing process, vital vitamins and minerals must be artificially sprayed. Likewise, usually more preservatives and additives are used.

Ingredients of a typical extruded dog dry food:
- Low proportion of fresh meat (mostly as fat)
- Meat flours (Declared as dried meat)
- Cereals or starch (for example from potatoes)
- Smoke flavors
- Binders
- Dyes, for example. Titanium Dioxide (Mostly declared as EC Additives)
- Artificial vitamin and mineral supplements
- Flavour enhancers

In comparison, FRESCO Dry RAW relies exclusively on natural ingredients. In our food you will only find fresh meat, bones and offal, vegetables, fruits and selected oils.

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Of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, dogs need large amounts - three times as much as humans do with calcium alone. These come over the fresh sternum bones in our food. Trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc, cobalt iodine and selenium come through the combination of offal and fruit in our FRESCO Dry RAW.

Your dog also needs ten different amino acids daily, as well as unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid), which are derived from fresh offal and muscle meat, as well as fresh RAW food.

As vitamins, especially from the B-complex, are significantly reduced when heated, FRESCO Dry RAW relies on freeze-drying. Liver and oils are freeze-dried together so that the vitamins are preserved.

Important: Of our energy-rich dry food, which does not contain any easily digestible fillers such as grain, rice, potatoes etc., your dog only needs about half as much as from another extruded premium dog food (Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Eukanuba etc.). Therefore, it is perfectly normal for your dogs stoles to be only half of what they would be on a standard kibble diet as the our FRESCO Dry RAW is perfectly balanced for your dogs digestive system resulting in more goodness being consumed into your dogs body reducing the amount of food simply passing through their digestive system.


Lamb muscle meat 20%
Fresh hearts of lamb 20%
Lamb lung 14%
Lamb Bone Chest Bone 12%
Courgette 12%
Carrot 5%
Fresh natural apples directly from the farmer 4.5%
Jerusalem Artichoke 5%
Low-fat yoghurt 4%
Fennel 2%
Linseed oil (0.6%) and salmon oil (0.6%)
Rose hip peels 0,1%
Brewer's yeast 0,1%
Seaweed 0.1%

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein 40%
Crude Oils and Fat 38%
Moisture 5%
Crude Ash 8%
Crude Fibres 1%

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Customer reviews for "Dry Raw Junior Menu Lamb with Courgette, Fennel and Low-fat Yoghurt"
13 Jan 2020

Good quality and soft enough to cut in half for smaller puppies. I find this one easier to cut in half than the veal or chicken from the junior menu. But our puppy prefers the chicken and the veal flavour; we tried this one for a bit of variety. Would recommend if your puppy likes lamb.

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