Most of the available raw products on the market are frozen using a mechanical refrigeration process that uses a cooling agent to slowly lower the temperature to around -18 degrees.

During this slow freezing process large ice crystals being to develop. These have a negative impact on the proteins, vitamins, essential minerals and flavour of the original ingredients.

We at Fresco use a special process called Cryogenic freezing. The fresh ingredients are cooled down and frozen rapidly.

This process allows the water in and around the cells to crystalize evenly so that the cell structure does not suffer any damage. All the essential nutrients and flavour from our market fresh ingredients are optimally preserved.

There are substantial differences in the quality of frozen dog nuggets in favour of cryogenic freezing compared to the conventional slow freezing.


All our products are developed and manufactured according IFS which includes HACCP food safety standard programs, ensuring the highest quality with consistent results at all times.

Our people are paramount in ensuring that our food safety standards are consistently met. Our highly skilled and dedicated team works with a key focus to detail, ensuring our products are manufactured to the highest standards. Our well-trained and competent workforce empowered to make the right decision, first time.