• Q: What is the size of each piece?

    A: The average size of each piece is approx 2cm in diameter. This particular bag is best suited for medium to large dogs. We however offer a "Small Bite" option across all of our Dry RAW foods. Click this link to view our full "Small Bite" range.

  • Q: Is FRESCO Dry RAW Food crunchy or soft texture?

    A: As we remove nearly all of the moisture from the food to as little as 8% moisture content this naturally makes our FRESCO Dry RAW range offer a hard & crunchy texture.

  • Q: How long will the food last once opened?

    A: As we do not add any preservatives to any of our FRESCO products this does shorten the longevity of the food once the bag is opened. We recommend using the whole contents of each bag within an 8 week period from opening to ensure the high nutritional benefits for your dog's diet.

  • Q: Does FRESCO Dry RAW contain added synthetics?

    A: Simple answer is NO.....and it never will! Just like all of our FRESCO products, we DO NOT add any hidden synthetics into our products. Our Dry RAW range is no different, instead it relies purely on the the natural nutritional values each particular ingredients which it has to offer. 

  • Q: Can this food be fed alongside frozen raw?

    A: YES! Our food has been designed & formulated to offer both a full dry feeding option for your dog which can be fed alongside their current frozen or fresh meat diet plan without harming the quality of their overall diet with a poor quality alternative. 

  • Q: Can I feed both FRESCO Dry RAW & Wet Food in one meal?

    A: YES! Mixing both our Dry RAW & Wet food lines offers the same nutritional benefits with the added textures.