Dogs in summer: Tips for cooling off

  • Q: Can dogs sweat?

    A: Dogs cannot regulate their body temperature by sweating as we humans do. They do have a few sweat glands on their paws, but these primarily serve to leave scent markings for conspecifics.

  • Q: When is it too hot for dogs?

    A: Heat exhaustion can occur in dogs when body temperature exceeds normal. According to, there are minor variations, but generally temperatures of 39.5 °C and above are considered dangerous.

  • Q: How can I cool down my dog?

    A: A very simple way for your dog to cool down in the heat is to take a bath. If you don't have a lake or stream in the neighbourhood, you can also wet your dog's fur in another way. In summer, dogs are particularly happy to have their own pool or at least a small tub.

  • Q: When is the best time for walkies?

    A: It is best to plan the big walk in the cooler morning hours. Often you have to walk a bit over the asphalt and it can get extremely hot during the day. There is an acute risk of burns to the paws!

  • Q: How do I recognise heat stroke in a dog?

    A: Heat stroke is the most severe form of hyperthermia, where the dog's temperature rises above 40°C. Heat-exhausted dogs are typically very weak and may have difficulty moving and may collapse. They are very thirsty and pant heavily.