• Q: What is the size of each nugget?

    A: The average size of each nugget is approx. 1,5cm x 1cm.

  • Q: Can I feed the frozen raw nuggets alongside the dry raw and wet food?

    A: Yes, all our food has been designed & formulated to be combined without harming your dog’s digestion and high-quality diet.

  • Q: Are the Frozen Raw Nuggets suitable for puppies?

    A: Yes, our Frozen Raw Nuggets can be fed from puppy to senior, however, to accommodate your puppy’s requirement for higher calcium and phosphorus supply, we have developed a special junior menu. You can find it here.

  • Q: Do the frozen raw nuggets contain any additives?

    A: Simple answer, NO...and they never will! We never add any synthetics or fillers to any of our products. Our feed does not require nutritional additives such as artificial vitamins or other artificial nutrients, since all nutrients come from fresh, natural ingredients. We also completely do without technological additives such as preservatives, flavour enhancers, antioxidants etc.

  • Q: Raw dog food safety?

    A: All our products are developed and manufactured according to IFS which includes HACCP food safety standard programs, always ensuring the highest quality with consistent results. Our highly skilled and dedicated team works with a key focus to detail, ensuring our products are manufactured to the highest standards.