We use a unique drying process...

Dried meat has been an important source of protein for humans for hundreds of years. The Indians already knew about the many advantages of dried meat and took it with them on the hunt or on long hikes as nutritious provisions. Due to the air drying process, the meat was not only easy to transport, but also long-lasting. 

The ancestors of our dogs, the wolves, also benefit from dried meat. Dead wild animals or ripe fruit and vegetables naturally dry in the air and are eaten by the wolves.

At FRESCO we use a mix of state of the art machinery alongside these historic techniques to provide they best dog food in the world.....

We at FRESCO have embraced this tradition and applied it to the manufacture of dog food. With our air drying of meat and other ingredients, all vital nutrients from the original ingredients are retained. The ingredients are crushed in a meat grinder, mixed and cut into small pieces. The actual gentle drying process then takes place in large air drying chambers. This creates a natural, high-quality product with a high nutrient density without the need to add synthetic additives. This air drying has proven itself for years in the manufacture of natural chewing snacks. We have also developed this gentle process for the production of our food. Other manufacturers do not use this method.


How do others brands produce their food?

Extrusion process briefly explained

The production of dog food by extrusion is the most common process. 90% of all dog food is made by extrusion. During extrusion, the various ingredients are first mixed to form a kind of dough, kneaded and then pressed through a nozzle at high pressure and high temperatures and brought into the desired pellet shape. Extrusion is the most cost-effective way of producing dog food because large quantities can be cooked in a short time.
In the case of extrusion, raw materials such as carbohydrates, starch and animal meals that are difficult to digest must be processed for the dog. Because only these lead to a hardenable mass that creates an extrudate under the high pressure and temperature. Modern extrusion processes allow the addition of a maximum of 30% fresh raw materials. An extrusion of only fresh ingredients is not possible, since these would not be able to be glued.

The extruded kibble flavor and nutrient-free pellets that have to be sprayed with fats, vitamins, minerals and preservatives.

The extrusion process has two major disadvantages :

 1. The original raw materials consist largely of poorly digestible vegetable carbohydrates, animal meals and starches. Various binders, dyes, sugar and flavor enhancers are often used.
 2. The pressure and heat during the extrusion process destroy vitamins and minerals. These must then be sprayed on subsequently. These are less bioavailable for the dog and less healthy.