• Q: Are Ostrich Bones safe for dogs?

    A: Since the ostrich is a flightless bird, they have a different bone structure than birds that fly. To enable birds to fly, most bird bones are hollow on the inside and splinter easily because they are not very stable. A big advantage of Ostrich bones is their high stability, which has developed as a result of the ostrich's ongoing locomotion. Nevertheless, you should always supervise your dog when feeding bones to prevent accidents.

  • Q: Are Ostrich Bones a good chew for dogs?

    A: Yes, Ostrich bones for dogs are the ideal chew for your four-legged friend. They are low in fat, suitable for allergy sufferers and do not splinter as easily as other poultry bones.

  • Q: Are Ostrich Bones suitable for puppies?

    A: For puppies, Ostrich Bones are suitable as chew from around twelve weeks of age. Chewing helps with the transition from milk teeth to permanent dentition, as the new teeth can erupt better and pain is relieved.

  • Q: How often can I give bones to my dogs?

    A:Bones are a very important source of calcium and should therefore not be missing from your dogs diet. With all the benefits of bones, it is important not to overdo it. Approximately 1 - 2 per week are sufficient and have a positive effect on the health.