As our dogs are part of our family, we know they deserve nothing less than the best. But in reality most dog foods and treats have big marketing budgets but very poor quality.

Most dog foods consist of minor ingredients, mainly grains and bone-meal processed with high temperatures and pressures (extrusion). As most of the originally present nutrients do not survive the process applied, the nutritional value must come from artificial vitamins and minerals sprayed on top of the product after the extrusion.

Also most of the dog treats are extruded treats. And if they advertise with “natural” they mostly sourced from Asia with doubtful, unknown and many times harmful ingredients produced under poor environmental and labour standards.

Owner of Fresco Dog Foods and Dog enthusiast Reiner Hauf works for 20 years in the pet industry and is well familiar with all insights. He realized that there was a need for real natural dog foods and treats based on the raw food concept, manufactured in Germany but for affordable prices to make them accessible for all dog owners. That is why he founded Fresco Dog Foods GmbH.

Today, he is proud to offer an exciting line of dog foods and treats all made from a single or limited ingredient, 100% natural and as nutritious as they are delicious. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.