Fresco means "fresh". And that's exactly how ingredients for healthy dog ​​nutrition should be. That is why, unlike almost all other manufacturers, we only use fresh, natural and unprocessed ingredients such as fresh meat, nutritious fresh offal, healthy fresh fruit and vegetables for our dog menus high-quality oils directly from food production. If possible, all raw materials come from the region or from EU producers' farms and are 100% traceable. Inferior or processed raw materials, such as animal and meat flours (dried meat), vegetable or animal proteins, starch, animal products By-products (slaughter waste such as hooves, feathers etc.), fat additives or poorly digestible fillers such as beet pulp, cereals, rice, soybeans, corn do not fit into our philosophy,are unsuitable for species-appropriate dog nutrition and therefore have no place in our feed.

In addition to the natural, market-fresh raw materials, our feed also differs in that we completely do without any additives. Our feed does not require nutritional additives such as artificial vitamins or other artificial nutrients, since all nutrients come from fresh, natural ingredients. We also completely do without technological additives such as preservatives, flavor enhancers, antioxidants etc.

Dog feeding doesn't have to be rocket science. Fresh, natural and nutrient-rich ingredients are the best guarantee for a long and healthy dog ​​life.

Be honest: We all have our favorite dishes!

But you certainly don't want to eat the same thing every day of the week. That would not only be boring, but also absolutely unhealthy. Instead, you provide variety on your menu so that you are not only well-balanced, but also happy and satisfied. And it should be the same with your dog!

What is complete feed? 

Many dog ​​owners still hold the misconception today that a single “complete feed” can provide a dog with complete nutrients regardless of breed, weight or activity. All-round care with such an “astronaut food”, however tempting and practical it may sound, is absolutely utopian. Last but not least, it is unreasonable for every dog ​​to be fed the same food every day.

Variety matters!

That is why we at FRESCO say “no” to the concept of complete food and instead rely on varied and balanced dog feeding. We offer a huge selection of meats, which are complemented by a variety of fruits and vegetables. Different oils and herbs complete our healthy menus. As part of our nutritional concept, we recommend a combination of our numerous varieties and our menu variants in order to offer your dog the variety it deserves.