• Q: Are Venison Bones safe for dogs?

    A: We do not oven cook any our bone products, instead, we use our unique air-drying process to gently dry each piece - by doing this we reduce the risk of the bones splintering.

    Any bone can cause a choking hazard when chewed into small pieces. So, you should always supervise your dog while they're chewing a bone and take away it away once it's worn down to a size smaller than their mouth.

  • Q: Are Venison Bones a good chew for dogs?

    A: Venison Bones are a natural and important source of calcium. The aromatic taste guarantees a long chewing pleasure. At the same time, the intensive chewing not only provides a healthy activity, but also cleans the teeth and trains the chewing muscles.

  • Q: Are Venison Bones suitable for Puppies?

    A: For puppies, Venison Bones are suitable as chew from around twelve weeks of age. Chewing helps with the transition from milk teeth to permanent dentition, as the new teeth can erupt better and pain is relieved.

  • Q: How often can I give bones to my dogs?

    A:Bones are a very important source of calcium and should therefore not be missing from your dogs diet. With all the benefits of bones, it is important not to overdo it. Approximately 1 - 2 per week are sufficient and have a positive effect on the health.