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Antler Chew
Antler Chew
Antler Chew
Antler Chew

Antler Chew

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FRESCO Antler Chews for dogs! Made from high quality & natural cuts of  European Red Deer. We offer our whole antlers in 5 size options to cater perfectly for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Why are they so popular?
In nature, our dog ancestors naturally clean their teeth. By chewing and gnawing meat and bones frequently, teeth and gums are strengthened and naturally cleaned. Today the dog receives a variety of nutrients, but teeth cleaning often falls by the wayside.

Our FRESCO Antler Chews are the perfect tooth cleaning chew for serious chewers. Their sturdy, hard structure can help reduce existing tartar, promotes strong teeth & helps promote healthy strong gums.

How do we source our Antler Chews?
We collect them by hand! Each year every Red Deer naturally sheds their antlers, we send our team of "Antler Collectors" deep into the forest and hills to finally select only the best quality to be used within our range, we then carefully sort, clean with water and cut accordingly. Just like all FRESCO raw materials, our Antlers are sourced all within Europe.

Due to their composition, FRESCO Antler Chews are extremely healthy. The antlers contain valuable minerals and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Antler Chew Benefits:
  • Low in fat (only 0.23% fat content)
  • 100% Pure Venison
  • Sizes available for all breeds
  • Strong & Durable Chew
  • Helps support healthy gums and teeth
  • Raw feeding friendly
  • No added Synthetics or Preservatives
We offer our Antler Chews in 5 sizes, each pack contains 1 piece :
  • Extra Small (30-49g)
  • Small (50-74g)
  • Medium (75-149g)
  • Large (150-224g) 
  • Extra Large (225-250g) 

A complementary treat for dogs
Suitable for dog's over 12 weeks of age

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available when your dog treats, chews or food.

Ingredients: 100% Venison

Nutritional Analysis: 

Protein 37.87%
Fat 0.23%
Moisture 7.81%
Ash 52.2%
Fibre 0.56%

Please note: As this is a natural product, the size, colour, and shape may differ from the picture shown.

Which Antler would best suit the size of my dog?
Our sizing guide is only a recommendation, this may differ from your dog's needs, jaw size and strength.

Antler Size & Weight Dog Size
     Extra Small (30-49g)     1-5kg
     Small (50-74g)    6-10kg
     Medium (75-149g)     11-20kg
     Large (150-224g)   21-30kg
     Extra Large (225-250g)      30kg+

Made in Germany 


What is FRESCO Repeat & how does it work?

FRESCO Repeat is our new automated ordering system which offers a seamless & stress-free ordering experience and eliminates the chance of forgetting to order your dog's food & treats on time each month.

You can now shop effortlessly with FRESCO Repeat, simply select the repeat pricing option within each product listing, select your order frequency and add your chosen products to your shopping cart. 

Our simplistic FRESCO Repeat system will place your order to the date set during checkout and automatically process your payment. Your order will be placed and delivered directly to you just like a normal order experience.

The benefits of FRESCO Repeat:
  • Save up to 20% OFF* selecting lines
  • Easy ordering 
  • Skip, update, or cancel at any time – no commitments 
  • Never run out of FRESCO food again!

When placing your first FRESCO Repeat order, the order experience will be as normal and your goods will be dispatched as per our normal delivery timescale. Future orders will be placed automatically at the time/frequency you have set.

You can set various dates across your selected products, however, if your order value is below £35 in value you will be charged our standard delivery fee as per our delivery page. Please view delivery charges and surcharges here.

We hope you enjoy our new shopping experience!

    Questions & Answers

    • Q: Are Antlers safe for dogs?

      A: Deer antlers make a long lasting, tasty and completely natural chew for your dog. They are hard enough to withstand the most enthusiastic of chewers and are unlikely to splinter and leave sharp edges but as with any natural product you should never leave your dog unsupervised to prevent accidents. Be especially cautious if your dog has particularly powerful jaws as your dogs’ teeth can break if they bite too hard. 

    • Q: Are Antlers sustainable?

      A: Because of the way deer antlers grow they naturally shed each year, meaning they are a highly renewable resource, excellent for the eco-minded dog owner looking to be kinder on our planet.

    • Q: Are Antlers suitable for Puppies?

      A: For puppies, Antlers are suitable as chew from around twelve weeks of age. Chewing helps with the transition from milk teeth to permanent dentition, as the new teeth can erupt better and pain is relieved. Especially our Split Deer Antlers are a perfect chew for puppies or senior dogs.

    • Q: Are Antlers easy to digest?

      A: It takes time for your dog to reduce the antler in size and only small pieces are worn away and ingested but since antlers naturally contain calcium, zinc, iron and potassium, all of which have various nutritional benefits for your dog they are digestible.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Small but still a winner

    Although no knuckle on this antler and quite small both our boys have really enjoyed sharing. Antlers always have a thumbs up from them.

    Sara Gorton
    Best one yet !

    We’ve bought quite a few antlers from other places but this is the biggest & best shape one we’ve had ! Extremely please xxxxx

    Julia B
    Freya’s Favourite

    My dog loves the antler. It keep her occupied for ages and is good for her teeth.

    Hollie Parker
    Almost indestructible! In a good way!

    I bought the antler and some venison bones for my boxer, he usually destroys everything in minutes, the antler keeps him occupied and happy but is still going strong!

    Sandra Gordon
    Antler chew

    Excellent product, dog loves it!