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Bully Pizzle Pieces

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FRESCO Bully Pizzle Pieces
are made from the offcuts of our premium European beef pizzle sections which carefully air-dried to perfection. Our Bully Pizzle Pieces offer the same great taste as our standard bully puzzle, simply in smaller pieces (1-5cm). This makes it perfect for small breed dogs. They still benefit from offering a low odour smell as we eliminate the foul smell which is often associated with this type of chew due to our special air-drying process.

Similar to all FRESCO products, our Bully Pizzle Pieces contains no nasty hidden ingredients and are made without the use of chemicals. It's simply pure beef in its natural form.

Did you know... Bully Pizzles are high in natural protein and contain no bones. Many brands often import these from India where their production and raw material supply is of poor standard. At FRESCO, we guarantee that not only are all of our products made in Germany using the finest European Beef, but they are also made without the use of any nasty hidden ingredients!

Bully Pizzle Benefits:

  • 100% Pure Beef 
  • Low Odour
  • Made in Germany 
  • Long-Lasting
  • Suitable for small dogs
  • High in natural protein
  • Raw feeding friendly
  • No added Synthetics or Preservatives
We offer our Bully Pizzle Pieces in 3 pack sizes:
  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1kg
Looking for a Pizzle Pieces with a different protein? We also offer Pork Pizzles Pieces which cater perfectly for smaller dog breeds who simply love Pork! Within each bag, you will find a variety of thin cut pork pizzle with an affordable price. Check them out today!

A complimentary treat for dogs
Suitable for dog's over 12 weeks of age.

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available when your dog treats, chews or food.

Ingredients: 100% Beef Pizzle

Nutritional Analysis: 

Protein 86.2%
Fat 4.9%
Moisture 3.6%
Ash 1.3%
Fibre 2%

Please note: As this is a natural product, the size, colour, and shape may differ from the picture shown.

Made in Germany 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Claire Worsley
    Great for a quick chew

    My dogs love these. They are quite easy for them to eat, lasting around 30 seconds of crunching, but it is a useful interrupter for me when I come in the house and everything explodes. After which they are calmer and not barking. They do smell a bit but it’s fine as long as you keep it in a sealed tub or bag. I feel like they are not too calorific and they have the right amount of desirability to be a useful diversion snack.


    Perfect for my little ones and keeps them occupied and happy for a good half an hour.
    The 1KG bag is good value but sadly isn't in stock very often.
    My dogs are only teeny...a 4.4kg Chipoo and 7.1kg Heinz variety terrier and they are the perfect sized treat for them.
    Probably not for the bigger dog if you want the pizzle sticks for them to clean their teeth and keep them happy for any length of time, as there are quite a lot of very small pieces.
    I gave some to my son's lab and the little pieces didn't even touch the sides and were inhaled in a split second!
    Not a reflection on the pizzle sticks, just probably not worth getting for vacuum labradors!! 🤔😂

    Kathryn Dixon
    Great pizzle pieces for treats

    Great treats which are really enjoyed by my 18 month old Goldie. Nice pizzle pieces of different sizes that last longer than a biscuit treat. Happy pup and owner.

    Melissa Mok

    Moka loved it!

    Samantha Banin
    My fur baby loved them

    Would definitely buy again. Ziggy was very happy with them.