Bag of Dry Raw Food Complete Plus Lamb
Dry Raw Food Complete Plus Lamb
Dry Raw Food Complete Plus Lamb

Dry Raw Food Complete Plus Lamb

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Wolves and dogs share 99.9% of their DNA, feeding raw therefore is one of the most natural ways of feeding your dog, as it mimics their ancestral diet. Although for some of us it can have downsides: cost, freezer space, getting in the routine of defrosting the day before and the inconvenience when traveling with your dog. If you would like to feed your dog a raw diet but are looking for a convenient alternative, dry raw dog food is a great option.

Our menus are packed with fresh meat, vegetables and fruits that are gently air dried to preserve all the essential nutrients found directly in our human-grade ingredients. Say Goodbye to...Storage issues, large order quantities and defrosting times.

It is official- Our Dry Raw scored 98% Nutritional Rating on All About Dog Food, the UK's leading & independent dog food comparison site.

 Health Benefits

  • Improved Digestion 
  • Healthier Skin
  • Cleaner Teeth
  • Better Breath
  • Balanced Energy Level

Do you need to add supplements to your dogs diet when feeding Fresco Dry Raw?

Our Complete PLUS recipes are complete menus and consist exclusively of pure muscle meat, vegetables, fruits and oils. All nutrients essential for dogs are contained directly in these ingredients, no supplements are needed for healthy dogs.

How do we make our dry raw food?

The manufacturing process of our dry raw differs from all conventional "premium" dry food. Instead of extruding the ingredients under high pressure and high temperatures (pressure cooker), they are gently air and freeze-dried. All vital nutrients that are contained directly in the original ingredients are retained by this innovative process.

Dry RAW Complete Plus Beef example:

How to transition to Fresco Dry Raw?

There is no set rule as every dog is different, we do however favour a slow transition and recommend switching over your dog's diet gradually over a 7-day period.

We recommend starting by feeding 10% of the recommended amount of our Dry Raw on day 1 and slowly increase the amount each day.

You may find your dog may need anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to make the full transition, depending on age, weight and activity level.

Introduce new proteins: Feed a single protein for the first 14 days to allow your dog's tummy to get used to their new food. After two weeks, we recommend alternating between different proteins to create a varied and balanced diet.

    Why chose FRESCO?

    Your dog is not only harmed by environmental influences but also increasingly by the ingredients in their daily food.

    The preservatives, additives and chemical residues often contained within conventional dog food brands can be jointly responsible for diseases such as tumours, kidney and liver damage, impairments in the musculoskeletal system, fertility disorders and allergies. We have therefore decided not to use any additives within any of our products.

    General supermarket dog food is made from inferior raw materials, mainly cereals, bone meal and fats. Often, only an exceedingly small amount of fresh meat is contained within the food, instead, meat flours are processed and often declared as dried meat. In comparison, FRESCO relies exclusively on natural ingredients. In our food, you will only find fresh meat, bones and offal, vegetables, fruit and selected oils.

    Which ingredients do we use & why?

    35% Fresh Lamb Muscle, 15% Fresh Lamb Lung, 10% Fresh Green Lamb Tripe, 8% Fresh Lamb Breast Bone, 3% Lamb Liver, 10% Carrots, 4% Apples, 4% Pears, 3% Beetroot, 2% Blueberries, 1% Sunflower Oil, 0.8% Cod Liver Oil, 0.5% Wheat Germ Oil, 0.4% Salmon Oil, 0.4% Rose Hips, 0.4% Algae Lime, 0.1% Seaweed.

    Nutritional Analysis:
    Protein 44%, Crude Oils and Fat 26%, Moisture 8%, Crude Ash 5%, Crude Fibres 2%
    Complete food for dogs

    Let's explore these ingredients in more detail...

    Fresh Lamb Muscle Meat (35%)
    Your dog requires proteins to build up and maintain organs, muscles and the functionality of enzymes. Meat is a good source of protein because it contains all the essential amino acids in the right ratio to each other and therefore has a high biological value. Meat also contains iron, zinc, selenium and B vitamins.
    Lamb muscle meat

    Fresh Lamb Lung (15%)
    Lamb's lung is included within this diet as it is naturally high in protein plus containing a source of sodium, vitamin B12 and biotin. 
    lamb lung

    Fresh Green Lamb Tripe (10%)
    Tripe is particularly high-quality because it already contains pre-digested grain residues. The bacteria in the lamb's stomach break down the tripe to form and convert them into high-quality protein. It has an important beneficial effect on the dog's digestion.

    Fresh Lamb Breast Bone (8%)
    A natural diet for dogs must contain a source of calcium, dogs rely on this to help build and maintain a healthy frame structure. We include Lamb Breast bone within this food to help offer a natural supply of calcium while also including high levels of valuable fatty acids and enzymes.

    lamb breast bone

    Fresh Lamb's Liver (3%)
    Lamb's Liver isn't only an excellent source of protein, zinc and iron but also a great natural source of vitamin A, C, D, E and K, as well as B6 and B12. It is by far the most nutritional organ meat which is why it should always be included in every dog's diet.
    lamb liver

    Freshly picked Carrots (10%) & Beetroot (3%)
    We source these directly from the farmer, we include both of these vegetables as they contain many vitamins and minerals (especially potassium). They also contain saponins and flavonoids, which have an appetizing and digestive effect.
    Carrots and beetroot

    Freshly picked Apples (4%) & Pears (4%)
    Our local farmer handpicks each apple & pear then gently cleans with fresh water before we add to our mix. Both of these fruits offer a variety of benefits: Apples contain Pectin, Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Sodium. Pears contain Vitamin B & C, plus is packed with natural Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Iron & Iodine.
    apples and pears

    Freshly picked Blueberries (2%)
    Blueberries offer many "Superfood" properties which are why we include these within our selected diet's, it offers a source of manganese and copper, but also contains Vitamin C, Carotene, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, B group Vitamins and anthocyanins.

    High-Quality Cold-pressed Sunflower Oil (3%)
    Our locally sourced European Sun Flower oil is added as it plays an important role of naturally adding Vitamin E, Linoleic and Alpha-Linoleic acid as well as essential fatty acids into this diet.
    Sunflower oil

    Cod Liver Oil (0.8%)
    Cod Liver is added as it plays an important role in being a Vitamin D supplier. It also offers a high proportion of Vitamins A and E while being rich in iodine and Omega-3 fatty acids.
    Cod liver oil

    Wheat Germ Oil (0.5%)
    European Wheat Germ Oil is included as it is high levels of Vitamin E which can help develop strong and healthy muscles, healthy circulatory and immune systems within your dog's body & structure.
    Wheat germ oil

    Salmon Oil (0.4%)
    We add a small dash of salmon oil into this recipe as it offers a natural addition of essential fatty acids while also offering a balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 ration.
    Salmon oil

    Rose Hip (0.4%)
    The rosehip is a true superfood supplement and particularly rich in important nutrients such as Vitamins A, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6 and especially Vitamin C, as well as pectins and tannins.
    Rosehip powder

    Algae Lime (0.4%) & Seaweed (0.1%)
    Our team of experienced fishermen gather only the finest quality Algae Lime & Seaweed directly from the sea bed. Both ingredients offer many important suppliers minerals such as (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iodine).
    Algae lime

    How much to feed per day:

    Adult dogs 16kg to 30kg: 
    ~ 1% of body weight 

    Adult dogs 30kg+:
    ~ 0.8-1%% of body weight 

    Smaller breeds
    (up to 15 kg): ~ 1-1.5% of the bodyweight 

    Young Dogs up to 8 months: 
    ~ 2-3% of the current body weight

    Daily feeding guide

    Adult Dog Weight Daily feed Amount*
    5kg 50-75g
    10kg 100-150g
    16kg 160g
    30kg 240-300g

    Example: A dog with a weight of 20kg and a recommended daily feed quantity of 1% would require 200g of food per day.

    Our Dry RAW Complete Plus Beef contains approx. 535 kcal / 100g. The above values ​​are guidelines for the amount of food for normally active, not neutered healthy dogs. However, individual needs may differ by up to 50% from the calculated values ​​due to age, breed or activity. 


    Storage & Feeding:

    Once opened we recommend using all of the bag's contents within 8 weeks, this is to ensure the highest nutritional value of the ingredients as we do not use any synthetic preservatives within the food. To store, simply seal the foil packaging with its zip-lock feature and keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


    How to serve:

    Simply pour your desired amount based on your dog's age, weight and activity levels.
    Note: There is no need to add water to our dry raw food to hydrate.

    Please always ensure your dog has access to fresh drinking water.

    * Important: Since our dry raw food does not contain any fillers such as grain, rice or potatoes your dog only needs about half as much as from extruded premium dog food (Royal Canine, James Wellbeloved, Eukanuba etc.)

    It is therefore perfectly normal for your dogs stool to reduce in size compared to a standard kibble diet. Our dry raw is nutritionally balanced resulting in more food being absorbed instead of simply passing through the digestive system.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Dry Raw

    Dogs love it but its rarely in stock so only used when away from home or for treats as wouldn't trust availability as a main food.

    Carol Walton

    Both my dogs loved crunching the dried lamb. I will be ordering it again with the beef one.

    Sophie Gates
    Amazing food!!!!!

    My two boys have only been on this fully for 9 days and already there’s a huge difference, their coats are so soft and shiny , they actually “bounce” about and they get so excited for the food, they are just more springy and happy.
    I love hearing them crunch it up enjoying it and I’m happy knowing it’s just so good.
    Also I contacted customer service to ask a question and they were amazing, very helpful.
    I’m blown away by this product.

    Chris Bell
    Great product - Dogs love it!

    Recently started my two dachshunds on the dry raw and raw nuggets and they love them! Empty bowls in seconds!

    Debbie G
    Highly recommend Fresco

    All the treat range is amazing my furbabies love Fresco! The kibble is amazing too !😊