FRESCO "Insect Menu" with Apple, Pumpkin & Wild Berries

FRESCO "Insect Menu" with Apple, Pumpkin & Wild Berries

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Insects are a sustainable protein source packed with high-quality nutrition.

Our Insect Menus are made from a unique protein source that is not commonly found in dog foods or treats! They contain 100% pure Hermetia Illucens, that is raised with no chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, additives or preservatives.

The Hermetia Illucens, also known as the black soldier fly, provides your dog with high-quality protein and adds natural sources of essential amino acids, the superfood combination of sweet potatoes, parsnips and apples provide essential nutrients like fiber and healthy carbohydrates.


  • Insect with Fruit & Veg
  • Can be mixed with Dry RAW
  • Gently steamed
  • RAW Feeding Friendly
  • Easy to store
  • No Freezing required
  • Easy to portion
  • No Synthetics or Additives

Healthy and nutritious wet food in raw feeding friendly quality is not possible? Yes, it is!

The key is to prepare the raw ingredients as gently as possible. We therefore preserve all the natural vitamins and raw materials by gently steam cooking the raw materials directly in the can. No need for a freezer

Did you know? Our Insect Menus are specially formulated for dogs with symptoms of food hypersensitivity.

Product Weight: 400g

Which ingredients do we use & why?

Insect protein (high protein content) 78%, Pumpkin 12%, Apple 8%, Wild Forest Berries 2%

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein 5.1%, Crude Oils and Fat 1.6%, Moisture 81.4%, Crude Ash 2.1%, Crude Fibres 3.3%
Complimentary food for dogs

Let's explore these ingredients in more detail...

Insect Protein (78%)
The Hermetia Illucens, also known as the black soldier fly, provides your dog with high-quality protein that provides your dog with energy and is important for building and maintaining organs and muscles. The insect tastes tasty and nutty and is ideal for food intolerance's.

Fresh Pumpkin's directly from the farm (12%)
Pumpkin is a real superfood due to its nutrient and fibre richness. In addition to it's important fibre, Pumpkin also offer high levels of Vitamins A, C, E, Magnesium, Pantothenic acid, Potassium, Zinc while also acting as a natural high-quality supply of vegetable protein.

Fresh Apples directly from the farm (8%)
Our local farmers handpick each apple then gently cleans with fresh water before we add to our mix. Apples offer a variety of benefits as they contain Pectin, Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Sodium.

Wild Forest Berries (2%)
Wild Forest Berries are rich in various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.

How much do I feed my dog per day?

Adult dogs 16kg to 30kg: approx
2-2.5% of body weight 

Adult dogs 30kg+: approx
2-2.5% of body weight 

Smaller breeds
(up to approx. 15 kg): approx. 2-3% of the body weight 

Young Dogs up to 8 months: approx
4-5% of the current body weight

Daily feeding guide chart                                                                 

This product contains no meat*
Adult Dog Weight Daily feed Amount*
5kg 100-150g
10kg 200-300g
16kg 320-400g
30kg 600-750g

The % figure relates to the body weight of your dog.
Example: A dog with a weight of 20kg and a recommended daily feed quantity of 2-2.5% would require 400-500g of food per day.

The above values ​​are guidelines for the amount of food for normally active, not neutered healthy dogs. However, this should be adapted to suit your dog's diet when fed alongside meat. It may also change due to your dog's individual needs which may differ by up to 50% from the calculated values ​​due to age, breed or activity. These are only starting points for the estimation of the daily amount of feed.

Storage & Feeding: Once opened we recommend using all of the contents within 4 days and storing in your fridge between meals to keep it fresh, this is to ensure the highest nutritional value of the ingredients as we do not use any synthetic preservatives within the food.

To store unopened: Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight
Once opened: Store in the fridge & use within 4 days

How to transition from your current dog food onto FRESCO...

You can easily transition your dog one of two ways depending on your dog's acceptance to new foods within their diet. There is no set rule as every dog is different, we do however favour a straight swap technique for effortless transitioning.

  • Skip a meal (preferably an evening feed) and simple serve our FRESCO food the next morning
  • Feed a single protein, one they are most comfortable with and have eaten previously. Feed this protein for a 14 day period so their internal digestive system can adapt to their new food
  • Add new proteins, After 14 days simply start introducing new proteins into their diet, we recommend a minimum of 3 proteins. Alternate these proteins throughout the month to create a varied balanced diet.

How to serve:
Simply serve your desired amount based on your dog's age, weight and activity levels.

Top Tip:
Our Wet Food lines can be happily mixed alongside our Dry RAW diets, calculate both amounts separately as your Dry RAW portion will be less than the wet food amount required per day as it contains little to no moisture.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jocelyn Lander
Food of the future?

My dogs loved this food -they have a varied diet anyway and this is just another variation for them. The pate like consistency meant it spread well on their licki mats which they love.

Christina Wells
First insect based food my dogs liked

I had tried a couple of different insect based dog foods previously both I wasn’t happy with the amount of added starchy carbs in the foods and my dogs didn’t like the food either (plus their poos were huge and smelly!). Fresco’s ingredients are minimal but carefully selected and the food actually smells really good! My dogs loved it and their “output” was fine too. It’s a bit too expensive for us to feed full time at the moment, but we’re going to continue incorporating some insect based food into their raw diets to reduce our carbon footprint whilst keeping our dogs healthy!