Puppy Menu Chicken with Pumpkin, Jerusalem Artichoke and Flower Pollen *Frozen*
Puppy Menu Chicken with Pumpkin, Jerusalem Artichoke and Flower Pollen *Frozen*

Puppy Menu Chicken with Pumpkin, Jerusalem Artichoke and Flower Pollen *Frozen*

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A balanced and 100% natural, single protein recipe packed with essential minerals and vitamins to give your dog a healthy and flavourful meal. Simply thaw and serve.

Our frozen raw nuggets consist exclusively of pure muscle meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs. All nutrients essential for dogs are contained directly in these ingredients. What you never find is flavours, colours, preservatives, bone meals, chemicals, wheat, rice, grains, corn, soy or other fillers.

Health Benefits 

  • Improved digestion
  • Shinier coat
  • Healthier skin
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Better breath
  • Higher energy level

Delivery & Environment 

Due to the nature of the packaging material and the size of the box, to reduce wastage and manage our carbon footprint there is a minimum order weight of 9KG on our frozen range. You can of course select multiple proteins. Dispatch Days are Monday - Thursday. Delivery is free.

Why are our Raw Nuggets different? 

Find out how we contain all the essential nutrients from the original ingredients without affecting the quality, texture, colour, and flavour of our nuggets. Click here.

How to transition to Fresco Frozen Raw Nuggets?

There is no set rule as every dog is different, we do however favour a slow transition and recommend switching over your dog's diet gradually over a 7-day period.

  • We recommend starting by feeding 10% of the recommended amount of our Dry Raw on day 1 and slowly increase the amount each day.
  • You may find your dog may need anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to make the full transition, depending on age, weight and activity level.
  • Introduce new proteins: Feed a single protein for the first 14 days to allow your dog's tummy to get used to their new food. After two weeks, we recommend alternating between different proteins to create a varied and balanced diet.

Variety is key

Feeding a variety of proteins is key to offering your dog the naturally balanced diet he deserves.

With our frozen raw nuggets, you can easily balance your dog's diet across a flavourful range of 6 different proteins.

Why chose FRESCO?

Your dog is not only harmed by environmental influences but also increasingly by the ingredients in their daily food.

The preservatives, additives and chemical residues often contained within conventional dog food brands can be jointly responsible for diseases such as tumours, kidney and liver damage, impairments in the musculoskeletal system, fertility disorders and allergies. We have therefore decided not to use any additives within any of our products.

General supermarket dog food is made from inferior raw materials, mainly cereals, bone meals and fats. Often, only a very small amount of fresh meat is contained within the food, instead, meat flours are processed and often declared as dried meat. In comparison, FRESCO relies exclusively on natural ingredients. In our food, you will only find fresh meat, bones and offal, vegetables, fruit and selected oils.

How to serve & store

  • Open the bag and pour the desired amount of nuggets into the bowl.
  • Let the bow thaw in the fridge for a few hours.
  • Take the bowl out of the fridge 20 minutes before feeding time to allow the nuggets to cool down to room temperature.
  • Simply store our frozen raw nuggets in the freezer.
  • Opened bags can easily be closed again thanks to the handy pressure lock.

Which ingredients do we use & why?

40% fresh chicken heart, 20% fresh chicken stomach, 16% pumpkin, 12% chicken carcasses, 5% Jerusalem artichoke, 5% apples, 0.6% linseed oil, 0.6% salmon oil, 0.2% brewer's yeast, 0, 2% rose hip peel, 0.2% camomile, 0.1% green lipped mussel extract, 0.8% cod liver oil, 0.5% wheat germ oil, 0.4% salmon oil, 0.4% rose hips, 0.1% seaweed, 0.04% flower pollen.

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein 14%, Crude Oils and Fat 8%, Moisture 68%, Crude Ash 2.8%, Crude Fibres 1%

Let's explore these ingredients in more detail...

Fresh Chicken Heart (40%)
Chicken heart mainly consists of muscles, i.e. meat. It is very high in protein and contains hardly any fat. It provides high-quality Biotin and Potassium.

fresh chicken heart

Fresh Chicken Stomach (20%)
Chicken stomach is a particularly valuable ingredient within your dog's diet as already contains pre-digested grain residues. The bacteria in the chicken stomach has already unlocked and converted into high-quality protein. It has an important beneficial effect on your dog's digestion system.

fresh chicken stomach

Fresh Pumpkin's directly from the farm (16%)
Pumpkin is a real superfood due to its nutrient and fibre richness. In addition to its important fibre, Pumpkin also offers high levels of Vitamins A, C, E, Magnesium, Pantothenic acid, Potassium, Zinc while also acting as a natural high-quality supply of vegetable protein.
fresh pumpkin

Fresh Chicken Carcasses (12%)
A natural diet for dogs must contain a source of calcium, dogs rely on this to help build and maintain a healthy frame structure. We include Chicken Carcasses within this diet to help offer a natural supply of calcium while also including high levels of valuable fatty acids and enzymes.

Jerusalem Artichoke (5%)
Jerusalem Artichoke has an optimal ratio of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphate, potassium and sodium. Also commonly known as "Topinambur" it can nourish useful bacteria in the intestine. These are important for building a healthy intestinal flora in the dog's digestive system.

Jerusalem artichoke

Fresh Apples directly from the farm (5%)
Our local farmers handpick each apple then gently cleans with fresh water before we add to our mix. Apples offer a variety of benefits as they contain Pectin, Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Sodium


Linseed Oil (0.6%)
Linseed is included within this meal as it is an important supplier of Vitamin E, linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid as well as essential fatty acids.

linseed oil

Salmon Oil (0.6%)
We add a small dash of salmon oil into this recipe as it offers a natural addition of essential fatty acids while also offering a balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 ration.

Salmon oil

Brewers Yeast (0.2%)
Brewer's yeast provides your dog with B Vitamins, valuable amino acids and trace elements such as biotin, folic acid, iron and zinc. The ingredients have good bioavailability and can, therefore, be ideally absorbed and used. Brewer's yeast
promotes cell regeneration.

brewers yeast

Rose Hip Peels (0.2%)
The rosehip is a true superfood supplement and particularly rich in important nutrients such as Vitamins A, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6 and especially Vitamin C, as well as pectins and tannins.

Rose hip peel

Chamomile (0.2%)
Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.


Green Lipped Sea Mussel Extra (0.1%) Sea-weed (0.1%)
Our team of experienced fishermen gather only the finest quality Seaweed & Green Lipped Sea Shell's directly from the sea bed. Both ingredients offer many important suppliers minerals such as (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iodine).

Green lipped sea mussel extra

Bee pollen (0.04%)
Bee pollen is naturally rich in a wide range of important nutrients which can help your dog thrive. In addition to vegetable protein, pollen also contains vitamins, amino acids, hormones, enzymes and fats are also unlocked within these ingredients. The small power packs also contain antibiotic properties. They also contain antihistamines and antioxidants to help strengthen your dog's immune system.

bee pollen

How much do I feed my dog per day?

Adult dogs 16kg to 30kg: 
approx. 2-3% of their body weight 

Adult dogs 30kg+ :
approx.  2-2,5 % of their body weight 

Smaller breeds:
(up to 15 kg): approx. 2-3 % of their body weight.

Young Dogs up to 8 months:
approx. 4-5 % of their body weight

Daily Feeding Guide 

Adult Dog Weight Daily Amount*
5kg 100-150g
10kg 200-300g
16kg 320-480g
30kg 600-750g

This menu contains 142 kcal / 100g.

The above values ​​are guidelines for the amount of food for normally active, not neutered healthy dogs. However, individual needs may differ by up to 50% from the calculated values ​​due to age, breed or activity. These are only starting points for the estimation of the daily amount of feed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Suzanne Wingrove
Stanley loves it!

I purchased this for my new miniature dachshund- 10 weeks old. He loves it and the vet has said he is thriving on his diet. Thank you 😊

Emily Henson
Puppy loves it

Puppy loves the raw food after switching from another brand. Quality seems good. The nuggets don’t stay as nuggets once defrosted but that’s not problem. My only complaint is that the bags leak, they need to sit in a container in the fridge.