Vital Chewing Stick with Turkey, Biotin & Linseed Oil
Vital Chewing Stick with Turkey, Biotin & Linseed Oil
Vital Chewing Stick with Turkey, Biotin & Linseed Oil

Vital Chewing Stick with Turkey, Biotin & Linseed Oil

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FRESCO Vital Chewing Stick with Turkey, Biotin & Linseed is
a semi-durable dental chew for dogs which can help promote a healthy jaw structure due to its tough consistency. We carefully select European Turkey & Beef along with locally sourced superfoods to create each stick. With each piece being on average 12-15cm in length this helps make this chew popular among dog's all of sizes and breeds.

Within each pack, you will find either 150g or 500g of tasty dental chews, all of which can be kept fresh with the special zip lock function at the top of each packet or re-sealable lid with our 500g tub.

Superfoods...We include 2 superfoods within each stick. Firstly we add Biotin, this particular superfood is a key vitamin which can help promote healthy skin & coat condition, aid digestion plus promote a healthy thyroid and adrenal gland functions. Secondly, we add Linseed oil, the oil is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids which can help with dogs who suffer from joint pain. Linseed can also help assist your dog's digestive health as it is naturally rich in healthy fibre.

A natural dog toothbrush: Due to their unique baton shape, your dog will work their mouth and gums around each piece, this motion will replicate a style of toothbrush function and can help remove tartar and plaque build-up.

Vital Chewing Stick with Turkey, Biotin & Linseed Oil,  Benefits:

  • 100% Natural
  • Raw feeding friendly
  • Semi-durable chew
  • With added Biotin
  • 500g TUB with re-sealable lid
  • Ziplock bag to keep them fresh
  • With added Linseed Oil
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Great for dental care
  • No added Synthetics or Preservatives
We offer our Vital Chewing Stick with Turkey, Biotin & Linseed Oil  in 2 pack sizes:
  • 150g
  • 500g
Are you looking for a Vital Chew Stick without the superfoods? Check out our Vital Chewing Sticks with Venison, 100% REAL Beef & Venison meat without any nasty ingredients.

A complementary treat for dogs
Suitable for dog's over 12 weeks of age.

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available with your dog treats, chews or food.

Ingredients: 85% Beef Skin, 15% Turkey Meat
Natural additives per kg:  2.9 gr biotin, 29 gr linseed oil.

Nutritional Analysis: 

Protein 60%
Fat 12%
Moisture 10%
Ash 7.5%
Fibre 1.2%

Please note: As this is product contains natural ingredients, the size, colour, and shape may slightly differ from the picture shown.

Made in Germany 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
One of the new favourites

Mal/husky Cross can't get enough of these. Will do anything for them!

Julie Wright

My dogs really love these.

One of Merlin's Favourites

Merlin loves these "crunchy sticks" - seem like a healthy option without a load of added rubbish - he gets at least one a day hidden inside a puzzle (he loves puzzles too). We give it 5 stars for sure.

Our fave dental chews! ❤️

There are so many dental chews/sticks on the market but these vital sticks are my favourite choice to feed my cocker spaniel. I love how they are natural, filled with goodies and perfect for a raw food diet. I feed my dog one daily to help maintain her lovely shiny coat 🐾

Christine Andrews
Lovely food for dog’s

Our dog’s love all choices of this product. They love it !!!