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Yak Chews

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100% natural & unique chewing snack for dogs of all sizes made from cow's milk, vegetarian & gluten-free, our Yak chew ensures long-lasting chewing fun & promotes dental health.

What are the Benefits?

This popular cheese is not only delicious, but also a natural, healthy and long-lasting chew. Due to its special drying process, it offers a low in fat chew option which therefore is ideal for overweight dogs.

It's easy to digest, grain-free, gluten-free and packed full of unsaturated fatty acids. The lactic acid bacteria contained are perfect for your dog's intestines and also ensure a beautiful coat.

How do we source our Yak Chews?

Unlike most of the other yak chews on the market, our cheese does not come from Nepal due to the current foot and mouth situation within this country! In general, we do not use any ingredients from Asia, the milk for the our FRESCO Yak Chews come from a human grade milk farm in Belgium.


  • particularly low in fat (less than 1.5%)
  • rich in protein (73%)
  • gluten and grain free
  • long-lasting chew (for comparison: 5x harder than parmesan)
  • particularly healthy fatty acid composition

Size Options

 We offer our Yak Chews in 4 size options, each pack contains 1 piece:

  • Small (30-40g)
  • Medium (65-80g)
  • Large (135-150g)
  • X-Large (185-220g)

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A complementary treat for dogs
Suitable for dog's over 12 weeks of age.

Always ensure you dog has access to fresh drinking water.

Ingredients: 100% Cow's Milk

Which Yak would chew would best suit my dog?
Check out our feeding guide below,

Yak Chew Size
Dog Size
    Small    upto 5kg
   Medium   5kg to 10kg
Large 10kg to 20kg
X-Large 20kg+

Nutritional Analysis: 

Protein 73%
Fat 1%
Moisture 9.5%

Please note: As this is a natural product, the size, colour, and shape may differ from the picture shown.

Made in Germany 


What is FRESCO Repeat & how does it work?

FRESCO Repeat is our new automated ordering system which offers a seamless & stress-free ordering experience and eliminates the chance of forgetting to order your dog's food & treats on time each month.

You can now shop effortlessly with FRESCO Repeat, simply select the repeat pricing option within each product listing, select your order frequency and add your chosen products to your shopping cart. 

Our simplistic FRESCO Repeat system will place your order to the date set during checkout and automatically process your payment. Your order will be placed and delivered directly to you just like a normal order experience.

The benefits of FRESCO Repeat:
  • Save up to 20% OFF* selecting lines
  • Easy ordering 
  • Skip, update, or cancel at any time – no commitments 
  • Never run out of FRESCO food again!

When placing your first FRESCO Repeat order, the order experience will be as normal and your goods will be dispatched as per our normal delivery timescale. Future orders will be placed automatically at the time/frequency you have set.

You can set various dates across your selected products, however, if your order value is below £35 in value you will be charged our standard delivery fee as per our delivery page. Please view delivery charges and surcharges here.

We hope you enjoy our new shopping experience!


    Questions & Answers

    • Q: Are Yak Chews suitable for puppies?

      A: Yak Chews are suitable for puppies after they have gone through their initial teething. Always ensure you select the appropriate size chew.

    • Q: How long should I allow my dog to chew?

      A: 15-25minutes a day -As with any other dog chew, it is best to observe your dog while chewing.

    • Q: Can I soften the Yak Chews?

      A: If you are worried that the Yak Chew will be too hard for your dog, you can soak the chews in hot water for 5 minutes, then heat them in the microwave for about 60 seconds.

    • Q: Are Yak Chews too hard for my dog?

      A: Yak Chews are simply hard cheese made out of yak milk. So far, dogs of all sizes have no issue working on Yak Chews. However, if your dog is very young or has dental issues, please refrain from giving Yak Chews to your dog for the time being.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Alison Jenkins
    Great chew product

    Our Cockapoo used to have Yakkers regularly until he found that he could literally bite the medium ones into lumps & swallowed these lumps whole. Didn’t buy any for 3 years & found the much bigger ones on Fresco. He can’t bite through this size & he enjoys chewing them. They also clean his teeth.
    P.S. We only let him have it for an hour a week because of the calories! And we always supervise him with it

    Diane Banks
    Annie loves them

    Previously she wouldn't even touch the ones from pets at home but this one she wouldn't even leave the end bit so I could puff it up in the microwave, she ate it in one sitting!

    Denise Shanks
    Dog chew

    My Rottweiler bear loved his yak chew great value for money

    Andrew Wallis
    Yakity Yak

    Great product but didn’t last as long as we hoped for but then again an Irish Terrier in full chewing mode will make short shrift of anything. But he did love them so!

    Antonella Cudone
    Yak Chew

    My 2 year old Labrador adores these…they also safely and healthily keep him busy for a while! I highly recommend these for active chewer dogs!