The nourishment of the dog

The nourishment of the dog

A varied diet with fresh ingredients is the basis for a healthy, long and vital dog's life.

Dogs mainly eat meat. Conventional extruded and cold-pressed industrial feed consists to a great extent of carbohydrate-rich raw materials, because these raw materials are cheaper. But too many and especially the highly industrially processed carbohydrates lead to typical diseases such as overweight, gastrointestinal diseases and dental problems.

What is industrial feed?

Switching from conventional industrial dry food to expensive premium industrial feed (still industrial feed) does not mean that you can feed your dog much better. If, for example, dried meat or fish are on the packaging, nothing other than meat and fish flour is included in the feed. Furthermore, carbohydrate-strong components have to be added to the feed so that an extrudate can be produced under high pressure from the hardenable mass. Due to such a preparation the natural vitamins and minerals are lost and that they have to be sprayed on artificially afterwards.

Appropriate to the species. Of course. Tailored to your needs.
A natural and healthy diet beyond industrial feed, on the other hand, is based on the so-called "prey animal concept". Healthy food consists of the ingredients that a dog would find in nature: high-quality muscle meat, fibre-rich fruit and vegetables, rumen and leaf stomach, innards and raw bones. Due to the fact that not everyone has the possibility to prepare the B.A.R.F. food daily, we offer complete B.A.R.F. menus and our new dry barf. Unlike conventional industrial dry food, our dry barf is neither extruded nor cold-pressed. It is so gently air- and freeze-dried so that the vital vitamins and minerals of the original ingredients are preserved.